Samsung Unveils Robot: It's that season once more: CES, the yearly occasion that lets tech organizations release a downpour of wild, inventive, innovative, and now and again tremendously senseless thoughts on the overall population.

For instance, perhaps the most recent uncovers is a convenient robot - which is suitably known as Bot Handy - that needs to be your very own AI-controlled maid.

Sound somewhat unrealistic? Indeed, so are large numbers of different CES creations we see each year. Along these lines, we should put authenticity aside and delve somewhat more profound into Bot Handy's expressed abilities.

Most importantly, as indicated by Samsung, the bot utilizes "progressed AI" to perceive and get objects of "shifting sizes, shapes, and loads."

This empowers Handy to tidy up chaotic rooms, set aside food supplies, put everything out on a table, or even convey dishes from the sink to the dishwasher.

Samsung even shows Handy setting out a glass of wine, which could be useful in case you're viewing a sensational second unfurl in a show or sporting event.

The bot is moderately sluggish, as you'd expect, however, it more than compensates for that by completely computerizing family errands a significant number of us would prefer not to do.

Once more, we should accentuate that it's not generally a smart thought to take CES uncovers at face esteem.

While Samsung professes to have this innovation working in its test settings, that doesn't mean we're all going to have the option to go out and get one of these family bots at any point soon - as much as we would get a kick out of the chance to.

Samsung Unveils Robot, Notwithstanding, Bot Handy is an energizing look at AI's future, and it gives us a thought of what Samsung is going after in the background. Ideally, the organization can make this tech a reality at some point in the following decade.