Elon Musk AI: In the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Elon Musk shared his concern over the digital age. He said, "Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age".

WAIC & World Artificial Intelligence Conference is an annual tech conference organized in Shanghai, China. The conference invites top executives from tech companies around the world to discuss how AI can boost the economy and change people's life.

Ai will overtake human intelligence elon musk
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In the conference, the two tech giants, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Alibaba chairman Jack Ma had a talk on artificial intelligence. In the talk Musk doubled down on his previous warnings that AI will overtake human intelligence.

Billionaire Elon Musk is known for his innovative and futuristic ideas and his latest suggestion might save us from being obsolete as artificial intelligence ( AI) is gaining in popularity.

He said, "It's mostly about the bandwidth, the speed of the connection between your brain and the digital version of yourself, particularly output." He further explained that computers can communicate at a speed of "a trillion bits per second", while humans' main communication method is typing with their fingers up to a speed of "10bits per second".

According to Musk, in AI age, where AI becomes more dominant and threaten to become widespread, humans would be useless. So, there's a need to merge with machines to become a sort of cyborg.

"Some high bandwidth interface to the brain will be something that helps achieve a symbiosis between human and machine intelligence and maybe solves the control problem and the usefulness problem," Musk explained.

The technologists' proposal would see a new layer of a brain that would be able to quickly access information and tap into artificial intelligence.

It wasn't the first time that Elon Musk spoke about humans need to evolve, it's a constant theme of his talks about how society can handle the disruptive threat of AI.

Ai will overtake human intelligence elon musk
Image Credit: Pxhere

During his talk, the Tesla boss touched upon his fears of "deep AI", which is far beyond driverless cars, Musk called it "Artificial General Intelligence". He described that AI could be "smarter than the smartest human on earth" and this is a "dangerous situation".

Elon Musk, whose firm is developing autonomous cars, that how automating things will eventually displace jobs. in the next few years, 12 to 15 percent of the global workforce will be unemployed just because of AI. According to Musk, there are many people whose jobs are to drive, but due to autonomous cars, a large number of people will lose their jobs. So, we need to figure out new job roles for those peoples to do, but it'll be very disruptive and very quick.

a while since Elon Musk launched Neuralink, whose long-term goal is to achieve "symbiosis with artificial intelligence". The company aims to build implants that will connect the human brain with a computer interface.

some neuro prosthetics can interpret brain signals and legs to be controlled by disabled peoples.

Elon Musk's all projects aimed at a different level, SpaceX, Tesla, hyperloop, or Neuralink, all of his companies are focused on a digital AI world.

But Musk never underestimated AI, in his talks he always mentioned the threats AI could produce and how we can be ready for it. Now, we have to see whether the global arms race for AI will cause World War III or not.