Inc along with Facebook Inc has asked the U.S. government for approval for operating a new undersea data between the California and Philippines after the China Mobile 0941.HK has agreed to exit the plan to a government agency recently. Both the companies have stated Federal Communications Commission that they wanted to start commercial operations by late 2022 and also have stated that the new data connection will be going to provide more significance and capacity on routes where there is more demand for capacity which increases every year substantially. Both the companies in a joint filing stated that the new cable will be going to help and support Facebook applications and also provide Amazon along with affiliating with its capability to support Amazon’s cloud service program and connecting with its data centers. China along with the e-commerce giant didn’t give an immediate response to the request for comments. The US has consecutively expressed its concerns about the role of China in the management of network traffic and its potential for espionage. More than 300 subsea cables from the backbone of the Internet are holding 99 percent of the world’s data traffic. In September 2020, Amazon, Facebook along China Mobile has withdrawn their application which stated that they are intended to connect San Francisco and Hong Kong as a part of a Bay to Bay Express Cable System in the upcoming future. Later in March 2021, Facebook has filed a separate Federal Communication Commission application for building a Hong Kong to California data cable. Later on, Google Alphabet became a part of this project. The companies have later on decided to skip the Hong Kong portion. Google, later on, agreed to operate a region of 8,000 miles of pacific light cable network system from The US to Taiwan. U.S. Government Approval, A Facebook spokeswoman stated that the project is equally agreed by the collaborating parties and this is the best path forward which has to be completed with the construction and also bringing the cable system into action was the motive and the company also wanted to restructure the ownership of the system and also allowing the partners to deliver the decided goal of bringing the connectivity for more people and regions. Read More: FACEBOOK’S NEW POLICY WON’T ALLOW THE ADVERTISEMENT TO TARGET AN AUDIENCE UNDER 18