Recently the fourth beta version of Android 12 is going to live today and it is also going to mark the stability of the platform milestone. This means that the Android 12 version Beta 4 has been finalized by APIs and app facing behaviors, so the developers are all set to test their apps on the latest release of android without having to worry about the changes in the next beta version which is impacting compatibility testing. After the release of Android 12 beta version 4, Google has asked all the application and game developers to perform the final compatibility testing of their application for being ready to publish their compatibility updates as soon as possible before the final release of it which is likely to be conducted next month. This is very important for those who maintain libraries, SDKs, tools, and game engines. There is a problem with downstream applications and game developers that they might face issues to update their products till the time their dependencies are also updated. Google has stated if the developers publish the new version of their apps and games which are compatible with the system then the developer can also start updating theirs app’s targetSDKVersion to 31 which is compatible with Android 12. Google stated that there will be more beta releases of the Android 12 version new upcoming features in the coming weeks, and they are also going to release the candidate build. Like however the Android 12 Beta 4 version has somehow been able to mark the Platform Stability milestone and now the developers don’t have to wait for longer for any reason to adapt their application to the latest updated version. It is now available for all the compatible Pixel devices which also includes the Google Pixels 3 and later. Users who have enrolled for the Android beta test program will going to receive the update over the air, with the help of firmware download links which are going to be available on Google’s website. The fourth beta version will also be going to be available for developers who own devices from Oppo, OnePlus, ASUS, Realme, so on. Read More: GOOGLE TO STOP PROVIDING SERVICES TO THE OLD ANDROID VERSION FROM 27TH SEPTEMBER