AI Chatbots: Chatbots are a form of AI. These chatbots are integrated digitally via a chat interface, especially for customer service. Chatbots are a good opportunity for you as an employer. They are not only important because they help to delegate all tedious work but also all the candidates and customers are welcoming them. The more digital services we use the lesser our business will be dependent on face-to-face interactions.

The recruitment process is also using chatbots to a greater extent. Today we will talk about how chatbots are used in the recruitment process.

AI Chatbots -

chatbots the future of job recruitments
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Candidate Experience

Recruitment and hiring managers use chatbots to make their work easier. A good experience starts with cutting the time between the candidates submitting their application to them hearing back from the recruiter. It's not surprising to use chatbots for this task. When there is a vacancy which has attracted too many candidates, it is difficult for a human to take care of it. Thus your chatbot can intervene with quicker response and speed up the process. Using chatbots provides a good experience to the candidate with the recruitment process and also saves both parties time.

Building Rapport - AI Chatbots

The most important task during recruitment is communication and rapport between candidate and recruiter. This communication is for both recruiter and the candidate. Chatbots make it an easy approach. Chatbots are set with rules and they are also smart. A chatbot is set to ask choice questions that make sure that the conversation is comfortable. It also keeps the detailed recording of candidate that will help the recruiter in the recruitment process. Mya is a chatbot designed for recruitment process. It talks and engages with the candidates through message. It also records all the data provided and questions asked by the candidate. This way you come to know a candidate even without personally talking to them and this also helps in increasing rapport during the recruitment interactions. Thus you also can interview a large number of candidates.

Questions and Answers

Chatbots can be used to answer FAQ using keywords. This questions will most probably be about the company and job profile. It is very important for a company to clear these doubts. This gives candidates a good chance to understand the company and their role quickly. Most of the times candidates will have almost similar queries. If a person is to sit and answer the same question thousands of time it is of no use. Rather a chatbot can be used for such frequently asked question. Thus in this way your time and effort is saved and also a candidate need not wait for long to get their queries answered.

Qualifying Candidates

It’s not always necessary that the candidate asks all the questions. The chatbots can be used to ask questions like qualification, skills, and experiences. Thus this can save your time and group candidates in terms of your criteria for the job. This saves your time in filtering the qualified and unqualified candidates. It’s is clearly seen that chatbots can take a lot of your work and make it easy for you. It also sets up and schedules calls and meetings. All this process when done by humans will take much more time than of a chatbot. So a chatbot can be used to filter qualified candidates easily.

Here we saw how and where chatbots can be used in the recruitment process. By using a chatbot you can have very clear communication with the candidate applying for a job in your company. Chatbots can be used for either answering candidate's questions or can be used to inform candidate about job location, company, and profile or even can help in shortlisting the qualified and unqualified candidates for the job. The use of chatbots in the recruitment process saves a lot of time for the recruiter and the candidate. So it is not wrong to say the recruitment process might see more involvement of chatbots in the future.