Deadline for Native Chrome apps: As per the report by 9to5google, Google has planned to extend the deadline for terminating native applications of chrome. This happened due to the “feedback by the customers and the partners” of these applications.

General support will be available to users until June 2021 now, support for chrome os will be terminated by June 2022.

We also got to know that the native chrome applications will also be terminated on chrome os. Chrome Webstore will also stop updating the applications existing in the store.

Enterprises are allowed to submit applications for unlisted chrome apps. On June 2021 chrome will end support for NaCI, PNaCI, and PPAPI APIs.

The deadline for Native Chrome apps is standalone applications installed on your desktop. For example pocket, the application that lets you store content on your computer to read later.

These applications open a new window on your computer to be operated. Google first made the announcement back in 2016 that only one percent of users on Windows, Linux, and Mac users use such applications and hence will be terminated soon.

The chrome web store removed the category of apps in December 2017. Users won’t be affected by the change as developers have already moved on.

Chrome will also continue to invest in chrome extensions. This robust ecosystem of extensions is an essential part of chromes mission of providing a useful and customizing experience for all users.


Chrome also suggests the developers make the transition to progressive webpages, extension enhanced webpages, or extension, also to notify their active users about the change.

Google also made other announcements such as an application to detect earthquakes using android phones, bedtime to track your sound sleep, and update for their lookout application for visually impaired.