Deep Linking in Mobile App: Before knowing the benefits and importance of deep linking in mobile applications we need to understand what deep linking is. It is not a new term in mobile application world but still growing and developing.

What is deep linking? - Deep Linking in Mobile App

deep linking mobile applications
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It is a URL that opens and directs a user to a specific location within an application. It uses uniform resource identifier (URI) linking specific location within a mobile application and not simply launching the application. One can deep link the content even if the mobile application is not even installed. After creating the application developer can register a URL scheme with iOS.

In simple words we can say that the link leading to an internal page or section with in a mobile application. Now let us understand deep linking in mobile application In a very lucid term it means inserting a link to a document leading to specific page or section of an application. Let us understand this concept with an example, say you are a service providing company having special offers at times. Here you need one thing and that is most important i.e. your company is having a mobile application.

So in simple words, when the user gets the notification for offer or discount then after clicking on the given link it directly opens on the given page of mobile application. Now here arises a question, what if the required application is not downloaded in the mobile device? Then the answer is simple and that is after getting the notification of special offer or discount, once the user clicks on the given link then algorithm would take user to the download application link or page. Users can be taken directly to the application content with deep linking for example Website to app

  • Social media to app
  • Search result to app
  • Advertisement to app
  • Email to app
  • SMS to app

Deep Linking in Mobile App - Now have a look at benefits of deep linking and why it is important

Deep Linking in Mobile App -Improves User Experience

Without much navigation, user is able to view the desired content on the mobile application via deep links. Reaching to the specific screen directly can be achieved through deep linking.

Improves User Engagement and Retention

Deep linked mobile applications have seen increased user engagement and better retention too. Users visit the mobile application frequently as compared to the application that is not deep linked.

Improved User Re-engagement

There are mobile applications that once downloaded remain dormant i.e. no activity is further carried engage them by sending special program designed for them like contest links or discount offers.

Improves Marketing

You can use push campaigns that takes users to the place where they can directly buy or use your product through deep linked mobile application thus, better and improved marketing strategy.
There are alternatives that developers can use when not using Deep linking method that are universal linking and direct linking. Technically deep linking has an edge over the above two mentioned methods and hence it is widely used by developers in mobile applications. Thus by deep linking one gets new users who download given mobile application and along with this you engage existing users by rolling out offers, discounts etc by means of push notification.