Facebook New IT rules: Now, Facebook has taken action against around 30 million pieces of content that exploit the 10 violation categories during May 15-June 15 whole countries, the social media giant stated that in its maiden monthly compliance report which has been mandatory from now as per of new IT rules. During the same period, Instagram took action against around 2 million pieces from nine categories. The new IT rules include the large digital platforms that consist of over 5 million active users who have to publish periodic compliance reports for every month to the government and mentioning the details of all the complaints that are posted and the action they took against it. It is also mandatory to include the total number of specific communication links along with the piece of information that the intermediary has disabled or removed access of the pursuance of any proactive monitoring which is conducted by using automated tools in the report. The spokesperson of Facebook stated over the years that the application is consistently is investing its technology for people and processes of its further agenda t keeping the users safe and secure online and allowing them to express themselves freely on the platform. Facebook uses a combination of artificial intelligence and its report from their community and reviewing it by their teams to identify and review content that exploits their policies. They will continue to add more information and build on these efforts towards transparency as evolving by the time, the spokesperson stated this statement to the PTI. Facebook stated that they will be publishing their next report will be published on July 15, containing details of the users who posted complaints and action taken against them. They are expecting to publish subsequent editions of the generated report with a lag of 30-45 days after the period of reporting that allows sufficient time for collection of data and validating it. Non-compliance with the new IT rules would be resulting in these platforms which are losing their intermediary status which makes them unique. Read More: 9 ANDROID APPLICATIONS REMOVED FROM GOOGLE PLAY STORE FOR ACCESSING FACEBOOK PASSWORDS AND LEAKING THEM