Facebook Ads Policy 2021: The social media giant Facebook Inc. is not going to allow advertisers to target the audience under the age of 18 on its platforms which were based on their activities and interests on other sites such as Google history and online shopping as was announced on Tuesday in the favor of young users. The company also stated that they are working on an Instagram experience for twins. The company stated that this ideology of youth-focused app is to provide greater transparency to the parents and having control over what the younger children want to access on Instagram. There is a major drawback faced by the social media sites is the verify the age of children which prohibits children under the age of 13. This change brings out an issue to the advertisers that now they only will be able to target the audience under the age of 18 in the category of age, gender, or location on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Instagram in the recent blog post has stated that the application is making changes because they agreed with their youth advocates who stated that young people might not be equipped with the decision-making process about targeting. Facebook Ads Policy 2021, A Facebook spokesperson stated that there would be no changes on the data collected by the company of the user. Many Instagram users under the age of 16 started to have private accounts in the initial time of their joining the platform, this company stated that this was an effort to prevent unwanted contacts or socialization of young individuals from adults. The company will still be giving an option to the young individual to switch to a public account and make their account publically available. Now, Facebook’s approaching young users are in the spotlight in the eyes of U.S. attorneys general and lawmakers who have slammed on the leaked plans that are to launch a version of Instagram for children under the age of 13. Facebook Ads Policy 2021, But in the response to this ideology at the beginning of the year 2021, more than 40 states attorneys general has written a letter to the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg asking him not to introduce his idea and bring it into action. Read More: ZUCKERBERG TO TURN FACEBOOK INTO METAVERSE COMPANY IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS