Google Pixel 5a cancellation, Once in a while, you've to confirm the denial of rumors to put them to bed. The same was done by Google this morning, When they confirmed the launch of 5a 5G this year, and hence denying the rumor.

The rumor was circulated in the market by Android Central that due to chip shortage they had halted the production of the phones.

Google Pixel 5a cancellation, In a recent interview with the reporters, a Google spokesperson said that " Pixel 5a 5G is not canceled and will be launched later this year and will be available for sale in US and Japan."

That time period would put the gadget's appearance around pre-fall, which means it will not show up on schedule for Google I/O in May.

Strangely, the organization has all the earmarks of restricting the gadget's accessibility to two nations. That could, maybe, be because of prior announced segment deficiencies. 

As The Verge noticed, the organization hasn't been especially valuable with regards to product declarations.

The organization adopted a comparative strategy in front of the arrival of the Pixel. In any case, this isn't actually the standard huge organization way to deal with gossip refusal, which is to either not answer or in any case divert. 

Google likely could be anxious about its Pixel line nowadays. The telephone line hasn't by and large taken the versatile world be storm, bringing about longstanding bits of gossip that the organization is hoping to shake things up.

That, to some degree, has apparently been affirmed by some genuinely prominent ways out. 

All things considered, even while there have been issues on the exceptional side, the organization's financial plan "a" line has helped float its general numbers.

No words yet on explicit specs, yet the handset isn't required to be an extreme takeoff from its archetype.