No Exemption for Traditional Media: India brings out new IT rules in February. The law is making the media platforms to be answerable to the government by providing the mainstream source or originator of the information through law full or un-law full means. This can affect the freedom of speech in the journalism field. The government is targeted the new media which is causing a threat to every individual's privacy. The government has ordered Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc to appoint officials to provide the details of the originator of the information to keep an eye on fake information. Traditional media opposed this law and trying to get rid of it somehow but they cant, The National Broadcasters Association wrote to the I&B Ministry and requesting the exclude the Traditional Media. As the ministry declared that it would be unfair/discriminatory action against the digital news platforms that don’t have traditional means such as television and print media. The government provided reasons to bring the digital media into surveillance so that no one can mislead the reader or the user of the information. The ministry stated that the new rules won't be a burden for the traditional or print media as they are following this tradition. The government also stated that the government will not recognize the previously registered content under the act of 2011 which is the Press and registration books act. The ministry also stated that if there would be any documentary, movie, and series over any OTT platform depicting the current affairs from the digital platform will be their responsibility. IMC(inter-ministerial committee) is a government body that is looking after the issues of violation of the rules and ethics. The government stated that the digital platforms of traditional media will also be covered in the law. No Exemption for Traditional Media, The action stated by the government in the IT rules 2021 may have suitably favorable and unfavorable to the people. This can save them from misleading with the fake news and unfavorable in a way that it will reduce the freedom of speech and can cause harm in the field of journalism. Read More: REDDIT, AMAZON, UK’S GOV SITE ALL CRASHED TOGETHER – HERE’S WHY