Internet of Things: When a simple day to day object or thing is embedded with various electronics, software, censors and network so as to facilitate the object to collect and exchange data, the mechanism or network so formed is called Internet of Things (IoT). The best part of IoT is that it enables the objects to be controlled and sensed remotely over the network connectivity and let there be direct integration between physical world and the computer network system for many social, economic and daily benefits. When augmented with sensors and other mechanisms, the technology becomes more of a cyber-physical systems, which also encompasses like smart homes, smart watches, smart grids and even smart cities. If experts are to be believed, by 2020 the world will have more than 40bn IoT based objects.

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In current times IoT is doing wonders in many day to day needs of people by facilitating users with daily need gadgets such as smart watches, smart jackets and the very recent concept of smart shoes has taken the youth by storm.

Many other areas in which the IoT is making remarkable development or there are huge scopes in the country are:

Environmental Monitoring and Management - Internet of Things

IoT can play a vital role in environmental monitoring by applying various kinds of censors in the process of accessing various environmental aspects in a very easy way and by consuming less time. By applying IoT, the users can easily come to know about various disasters that their land/area is more prone to and depending on the analysis, required steps can be taken so as to minimize the risk of any natural calamities. Secondly by using IoT in environmental monitoring, huge help can be provided to farmers in farming also and hence the crop yielding and productivity can be increased. This somehow will provide immense help to the farmers who often strive for a living due to lack of knowledge about the environment and the agricultural lands. Currently some IoT are operative in the country and there is still a lot of scope to have better improvements such as alerts regarding current or future weather conditions, soil type, fertilizer, pest control, etc.


Because of increase in no. of vehicles on roads, metros are very prone to huge traffic jams every now and then. Need of the hour is intelligent transportation systems that consolidates traffic data from various sources such as traffic cameras, commuters' mobile phones, vehicles' GPS, sensors on the roads. By monitoring and analysing the conditions of traffic via drones and smart analysis tools the problems can be reduced to a certain extent.

Internet of Things - Health & Wellness

There is a scope of using lot in health and wellness department by the means of application of IoT such as enabling remote health monitoring and emergency notification systems in health centres. When talking about IoT in health devices we can take examples of various health monitoring devices which may be simple devices like blood pressure or heart beat monitors or may be advanced devices such as devices capable of monitoring major implants, pacemakers etc. The most beneficial aspects of IoT in this can be for senior citizens by making specialised equipments to keep a track of their well being or for newly borns to keep a track if all the necessary checks and vaccinations have been done etc. Other consumer devices to encourage healthy living, such as, connected scales or wearable heart monitors, are also a possibility with the IoT.


So, we can conclude that with the changing times and with the emergence of technology to a vast horizon, there is a lot which can be achieved by the means of IoT which can make the lives of people of all age levels, all sectors of societies be very comfortable and easy.

We at Yugasa Software Labs are keeping a close watch on this industry and members working in our teams are actively working and researching on this subject. We are aiming to be the leaders in service providing related to offshore development in the business of IoT.