Google Lens: "Major breakthrough coming in the year of 2017 in the genre of cameras is Google lens that has revolutionized the smart camera world. Reading and understanding the information within images using smart camera application is what Google lens actually does. It is not only the image metadata that is analyzed but things like places, names or passwords are portrayed in photos. Journey does not stop here instead; it then offers all intelligent ways to deal with information.

Let us understand the working of Google lens with some examples, taking photo of any sign board and Google will take you to the search screen where nearby places can be seen and best way to reach there can be achieved. Take photo of a phone number and directly go to the dialer careen with all the information. With the help of smart camera application take picture of foreign text and automatically get the translation. In other words we can say that integrate all the information together with a photo available. Connect with all the events associated with the photo like best matched online data, landmark etc.

CEO Sunder Pichai announced this new technology smart camera application during Google’s I/O conference. It is the combination of Google’s computer vision and AI technology to bring smartness directly to your phone’s camera. Looking beyond your camera and photo is the meaning of Google lens. During the demo, Pichai explained it with one simple example i.e. clicking the photo of password sticker on router and then directly connecting with the Wi-Fi network.

Another thing that Pichai has shown is how Google’s algorithms can clean up and enhance photos too. Like when one is clicking picture of his child playing basket ball through a fence, then Google Lens will automatically remove the chain-link fence cleaning up the photo and beautifying it the way you want.