Messenger Marketing: Today every marketer knows the importance of email marketing. It has been one of the best strategies ever used by most of the websites. For the first time technology, via Facebook Messenger, is allowing websites to talk back to their visitors even after they have left. I am active in messenger most of the time. I feel it easy to read things or get any news in messenger rather than through emails. For people like me, messenger marketing is very attractive because I don't need to check emails rather I can read or get informed while I do my normal regular work on messenger.

Messenger marketing has many advantages over emails. Let us learn about some of the major advantages of using messenger marketing.

Content Marketing - Messenger Marketing

messenger marketing to increase sales
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Chatbots are dynamic and they can personalize the content so the consumer gets what he wants without wasting time. Also, the bot knows what content the user has consumed and helped the user go to the next step directly.

User Data

All the conversations are actually an exchange of information. Bots are the easiest way to gather user data. Every time a user interacts with a bot their preference is also being stored by the bot which can be used in many ways to improve facilities and services.


If we have even a little data about the consumer, we can send the right message to the right consumer at the right time. Consider sending conditional statements while sending messages. For example, you can send a message to everyone who is male and has a birthday today.


Having a messenger chatbot means you are having a bot that is automatic and works on its own as per initial instructions and rules preloaded in it. The best part is a bot can automatically collect data, analyze it and send an appropriate data back to the user based on their behavior which a mail can never do.

Messenger Marketing - User Base

Messaging apps are equally popular as social media apps. All the users are already on messenger and are expecting to be able to message your business. All you need to have is a messenger facility for your business.

A study shows people are using more of these messaging apps than social media apps. As more and more people are adopting messaging apps, the potential for marketing through messenger is increasing. Facebook is also working hard to make messenger a good platform for business. For example, Facebook created a new objective for Facebook ads, which provides a business with a chance to reach people who are most likely to reply to your business on Messenger.

I believe all the business should follow this trend. Here are more ways you can use messenger marketing for

  • You can deliver your contents.
  • You can help your user find more relevant content.
  • You can engage users during events.
  • You also can generate high-quality sales lead.
  • You can reach your target audience one-to-one.
  • You can provide best and easy customer support.

These are only a few of the many advantages of marketing through messenger. Every business is willing to grow as fast as possible. And the use of messenger is helping a business grow in a very easy way. The most important thing for messenger marketing is it is very easy to use and easy to implement into any sort of business. This also saves a lot of money than conventional marketing methods. Most of the individual in the world is linked to the messenger and are fond of using it. So using messenger to market your business is quite an impressive idea. People like me who spend most of the time in messenger can be attracted easily towards a business. So it is pretty sure that marketing using messenger is going to be every business’s choice soon.