NRAI Food Delivery App: NRAI is a Restaurant industry that may soon go to launch a new food delivery app or one can say loyalty application in competition to Swiggy and Zomato amid an escalating face-off between the competitor restaurants. These delivery aggregators have over alleged deep discounting, violation of platform neutrality, and data masking. In the report of Economic Times, the industry body has been able to revive the plans to launch the app within the time period of two months. The president of the National Restaurants Association of India, Anurag Katriar stated that they are looking at a launch by the month of August-September. The NRAI is representing more than five hundred thousand restaurants across the whole country. They are in the final stage of finalizing the details with a pre-established technology partner with whom they are outsourcing the backend management. The application is going to be owned by NRAI and will going to be managed by the external partner and will going to offer discounts and loyalty to those can encounter with the private aggregators. They are working on a single loyalty bonus program for members across India stated by Anurag Katriar. The app won't ask its consumers that they do not have to pay for the app which is not similar to loyalty apps such as Zomato Gold Membership, and the consumers will be having the flexibility to encash the loyalty points at any restaurant for dine-ins, mentioned by Financial Daily. During this time the popularity of food delivery apps such as Swiggy and Zomato has increased drastically in recent amid lockdowns that have been imposed to control the spread of coronavirus as millions of consumers are dependent upon only these players to get their food delivered to their doorstep. Till the time Swiggy and Zomato have notched the record numbers during the lockdown when the whole restaurant industry is entirely dependent on the deliveries for survival. Jaspal Sabharwal, in the report of Economic Times, stated that now they are running an industry where the profits are disappeared and restaurants are closing and the valuation of delivery applications are falling down and a couple of well-run restaurant chains are soaring. In further discussion, it is been found that NRAI is not making any money. Read More: Top 10 Food Delivery App Development Companies to Partner within 2021