Old Android version: Google in its recent post stated that the company is no longer going to provide services and support applications such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, and others sign in to the users who are still using devices with the Android version 2.3.7 or lower. If the user tries to access these facilities by signing into the above-mentioned application the individual might get a pop-up message which mentions that the mentioned username or password is not correct or has some error to the users after the 27th of September 2021. The post also states that the individual who is using version 2.3.7 or lower must look for updates in their Android version for continuing their device use the Google Application on their mobile devices. Now, every user must update their devices to a newer android version which has to be 3.0 or higher than that. Now it is so easy to go and check whether the android version is updated or that or what is the current version of Android Operating System one is using on their devices. But if the device of an individual is not working on the best update it will be showing an option to Download and Install but if the device is working on the best update it will show a message that the device is working on the best update. But one might be in a problem if their device is below the 2.3.7 android version and going to face a lot of difficulties or that individual can access such application and their accounts through their phone's browser. Google stated the news in the blog post 9to5Google where the company shared a screenshot of the sent email to the users who might be feeling the impact of the change. The email also recommends that the users at least have to update their device android version 3.0 which is Honeycomb. The email sent to the users seems to sounds similar to a warning sign for the limited amount of users who are currently using the old software version and the company is urging them to switch to new devices or to update their software. Read More: GOOGLE IS ALL SET TO LAUNCH THE GOOGLE MEET WEB APP