Virtual Waiter App: Restaurant located on the northeastern coast of Spain named funky pizza has started using an application instead of waiters. This application is known as funky pay. The application not only lets you place your order and pay for it but also the estimated time the order will arrive at your table. The application will be available to use on your mobile phone. It also provides a receipt for customers.

Restaurant management took this step to avoid face to face communication between waiters and customers. This measure was taken because of the Coronavirus. The app will be managed by staff from behind the screens. "Through this system, we have tried to keep physical distance with our clients, which is what people are looking for during COVID," said restaurant owner Carlos Munich.

Virtual Waiter App Funky pay is easy to use, interactive and user-friendly. With all those preparations customers are also advised to wear masks at all times when away from the dining table. The waiter does bring the food to your table though.

"I think we lose the feeling with the waiter, for example when you order you can't ask about different preferences or any other query," said customer Javier Comas. Whereas, Claudia Medina said, "The application is very user-friendly ... and you can also track your order and see when it is in the kitchen or when it will be arriving,"


LG has also testing robots as waiters that travel among customers in Korea. The royal palace in Renesse, Netherlands has robots in faux aprons that greet customers as “hello” and “welcome”. They are dressed in red and white attire.

Germany based on the international federation of robotics uses robots for food processing. Egypt has mozo (waiter in Spanish) to wait on tables, robots that can conduct delicate food handling tasks are created by a company called soft robotics in Bedford, Massachusetts.