PM Narendra Modi: A recent study, conducted by the Internet and Mobile Association of India and Nilsen showed that for the first time in history, the number of internet users in the rural area being 227 million is 10% more than the users in urban areas that are 205 million users.

PM Narendra Modi - 22 July 2020 tweeted,

One thing to note in this report was that 433 million of the users are above the age of 12 and 71 million users are between the age of 5 and 12, who access the internet using the devices of their family members.

The report also added that 70% of the active internet users access the internet daily while 9 out of 10 users in the urban area use the internet at least once a week.

There was also a spike in the female users coming up to 21% from mere 9%. In November 2019, 26 million new female users became active internet users.

The credit for such a big transformation can be given to both the government, the network providers, and smartphone companies. As the rates of smartphones have reduced and have become affordable, the users preferred using the internet on their phone rather than any other device. Also, the fact that India has the cheapest internet in the world. Also, we cannot outlook the better services that the network providers have now provided us with.


In 2015, the “Digital India” campaign was started by the government of India. Following this, in 2016, PM Narendra Modi made this tweet,

4 years down the road, India is the second largest internet user with 504 active internet users. This is the next big achievement of the “Digital India” campaign started by the government.