Instagram and messenger disabled in Europe: Since the last few days, Facebook has been busy notifying its users around Europe about temporarily shutting down a few of its Instagram and messenger app features.

A small message has appeared in both the apps about the sudden takedown of features stating that “features are taken down to comply with EU’s new digital reforms''

Although the exact missing features unavailable are still not disclosed officially by Facebook.

But the company does reveal on its support pages that polls on both Messenger and Instagram are currently unavailable in Europe, alongside a lack of stickers on Instagram and no personalized replies on Messenger.

Other missing features may include a lack of certain file sends on Messenger, missing nicknames, or the ability to share AR effects in DMs on Instagram.

All this facade of taking down features is to make a Facebook complaint to the European Union's Digital reforms of 2002 which instated much stricter digital laws and reforms to enhance the privacy and data security of the users.

This sudden stricter bold behavior towards the digital data and companies has come up because of the illicit use of the user’s data by the companies to enhance their effect on the people’s life.

Instagram messenger disabled in Europe A lot of this is also required because of the increasing amount of cyberattacks happening nowadays.

Facebook has also been criticised in the USA for it’s negligence in protecting the user’s privacy and data.

Recently an Antitrust Lawsuit has been filed against Facebook by FTC over its anti-competitive behavior and monopolistic use of its power.

Another Lawsuit filed against Facebook could force it to sell off its most precious assets Instagram and Whatsapp.

The takedown of various app features has been confirmed. But while asking Facebook about when these features will be back up, the spokesperson gave a pretty bold timeline and answered: “really soon”. 

The News is still in progress and will be updated whenever the next breakthrough comes.