Tinder Block Contacts Feature: Tinder has recently added a ‘block contacts’ feature to get ready with the post-pandemic era of tinder. It was already under scrutiny as anyone can use the app without any identification or legitimacy and now the awkwardness of meeting your ex or a family member on the app is more than what one can bear.  Tinder is anticipating the post-pandemic season and is rolling out new features to stay prepared. Now users can block or restrict selected contacts from their contact list whom they don’t wanna see on the app. 

Based on the latest surveys done by Tinder 

  • 40% of the users encounter their ex on the app
  • 24% encounter a family member
  • 10% encounter their professor
These kinds of the situation put users in a tight spot which negatively impacts their social life Other than the issue of facing your peers on the app, it also adds a great security advantage to the users. Users who have encountered a stranger earlier whom they didn’t like or an abusive figure, can now be blocked to restrict any chances of getting matched. But this new feature is also under scrutiny by many experts. The way Tinder is making this feature works is by asking permission to give access to the app of all their phone’s contacts and this poses a great privacy issue. Experts are suggesting that Tinder could have just asked about the individual’s contact details, i.e, their number or Email address, thus solving the problem and not interfering with the user’s privacy. In response to the claims made by the experts, Tinder said that they only save the details of the blocked contact and don't save any other contact, although users still seem to be wary about their privacy. Tinder initially tested the feature in three countries, India, Korea, and Japan. Various users used the new feature and blocked at least a dozen of contacts for one or the other reason.

The new feature can easily be located by - Tinder Block Contacts Feature

  1. Go to settings, which is just below your profile Icon.
  2. Select “lock Contacts”.
  3. A prompt will be flashed on the screen asking about the permissions to scan contacts.
  4. You can then select the contact you want to block from the contact list flashed.
This new feature makes it easier to block the abusers and enable users to be more private about their life. Read More: SPOTIFY ANNOUNCED THE ONLY YOU FEATURE FOR PERSONALIZED PLAYLISTS