Javascript Mobile Frameworks 2020: Javascript is the widely accepted programming language all over the world. It is used in the development of many web applications, websites, and mobile app development. JS has used all over the world like Java, Python, many others.

JavaScript is the second most developing and used language after Python. Many people get confused between Java and JavaScript because they have the same name, but they are different from each other.

JavaScript and Java have similarities between them like the name of the language, syntax, but the designs of these two programming languages vary from one another, and the differences are well defined. JavaScript is most used in front end development of websites because they were developed for designing.

Javascript Mobile Frameworks 2020, JS is the most preferred language for designing software frameworks to support mobile app development. There are lots of mobile frameworks developed by JavaScript for supporting mobile app development. Many companies use Mobile frameworks all over the world, but only very few are popular.

This article explains some of the best open-source mobile frameworks in 2020 that have been developed by JavaScript. From this article, you can know which mobile frameworks are in trend, and if you are already working in JS, you can improve yourself by learning these.

1. Apache Cordova/ Phonegap - Javascript Mobile Frameworks 2020

The phone gap framework is an open-source mobile development software, and Adobe released it in this name. The Cordova was named as Apache Cordova because the apache powered the license to it. The phone gap distributes and powers the apache Cordova which is developed with JavaScript.

Apart from JS, it is also written in C, C++, CSS, HTML, and objective C. Mobile web applications can be created with apache Cordova using languages like CSS, HTML, and JS instead of (application programming interface) API.

2. jQuery Mobile 

jQuery mobile is a touch-optimized web framework, and JavaScript is the language used to write. jQuery supports all smart-phones, tablets, and desktops including android, IOS, blackberry, windows, chrome, Firefox. The jQuery mobile is also compatible with other mobile frameworks like PhoneGap.

jQuery mobile framework is built by jQuery and jQuery UI. It is one of the earliest frameworks, and it was released in 2014. All over the world, Once it is the most preferred and used framework.

3. Meteor

Another free open source framework, isomorphic JavaScript, is a meteor that uses node.js. Because it is written in JavaScript, so the meteor is also called meteor.js. The meteor itself is a full-stack framework that combines from front end to back end.

Mobile apps developed with meteor contain easily changeable codes, and it doesn’t need developers to modify. Meteor framework is not limited to the only mobile it also provides to tablet and desktop-like jQuery.

4. Mobile Angular UI

Another must important framework which is required for mobile is Mobile Angular UI. Mobile Angular UI is a free open source bootstrap frontend framework, and this is very useful for creating many angular components in mobile.

The angular framework is created by JavaScript, and it is one of the unavoidable frameworks for developers. The angular framework creates sidebars, switches, navigation areas, scrolling areas, and above and down navigation bars.

5. Native Script

Another free open- source framework that is used to build apps is the native script. JavaScript is invented by Telerik and developed by the progress and community on the cross-platform, and it is licensed by apache.

The native script is written in JavaScript and Typescript. The native script also supports frameworks written with JavaScript, such as the angular and the Vue JavaScript frameworks.

6. Onsen UI 

The Onsen UI is an open-source UI framework that is developed by the Monaca for mobile app development. The Onsen UI also uses CSS, JS, HTML to develop an HTML-5 hybrid mobile app based on PhoneGap/Cordova. A hybrid mobile app is none other than that runs on multiple platforms.

7. Ratchet 

This is one of the required JavaScript frameworks needed for the development of mobile apps. Ratchet is also the frontend framework for the mobile development using JS, CSS, and HTML.

Mobile apps can be created with ratchet, which makes the developers work easily. The bootstrap framework created the framework Ratchet. This ratchet is the framework that includes an accelerometer in the phone.

8. React Native

The open-source JavaScript framework for mobile which was created by Facebook is React Native. With react native, developers can create Native Mobile Applications using JS, CSS, HTML like other frameworks. Along with JS, the React Native is written in python, Java, C++, Objective C.

9. Sencha Touch

Sencha touch is a free open source framework for the development of mobile websites and web apps. This JavaScript framework is developed especially for mobile websites that make the developers create user interface applications.

10. Titanium- Appcelerator

Titanium is a free open source framework created by the Appcelerator for native mobile apps. The Appcelerator titanium runs on the android and IOS platforms and is developed with programming languages like JS, CSS, HTML, and PHP.