Twitter Blue: Twitter is soon coming with its new subscription-based service, Twitter Blue, a $2.99 monthly subscription, which will add more functionality to your account. Researcher Jane Manchun Wong was the first person to report about the arrival of Twitter Blue, two weeks ago. Although the news has just been confirmed a week ago. Twitter’s iOS listing updated the list to include Twitter blue as a monthly based subscription service, hence confirming the findings of Jane Manchun Wong. Although the users still cannot opt-in for the service even after downloading the app, nonetheless the arrival of the service is inevitable. The service is thought to have various features including a reader mode changing color and much more. Let’s go through them one-by-one-

  1. Twitter Blue, will come with an undo button.
  2. The service will include a reader mode, which converts tweets into easy-to-read text. This feature can easily be anticipated as Twitter acquired Scroll and Revue, in an effort to improve user’s reading experience.
  3. Also, users would be able to change the color of the Twitter app icon, and timeline.
  4. Subscription holders can organize multiple tweets into a collection, thus providing the ability to organize tweets into folders.
At present, Twitter ad services make up 85% of the organization's total income. Twitter told Bloomberg in February that it plans to explore better to monetize the platform, as the app audience has matured and ready to experience new things. Going with the same strategy, Twitter has released doubled the number of characters in a tweet, from 140 to 280. Other features like Super Follows, Tip jar, Twitter Spaces are also added. This week at J.P. Morgan's Global Technology, Media, and Communications gathering, Twitter CFO Ned Segal showed that the organization sees Twitter Blue and Super Follows as two separate kinds of memberships. On Google Play, the Twitter application page lists an in-application item estimated at $4.99 per item, which may demonstrate the launch of Super Follows, as well. Segal likewise said that Twitter would offer more data about their services in upcoming moths Lastly, to people’s disappointment, there's no sign of plans for an "edit tweet" button right now. Read More: TWITTER PAUSES THE USER VERIFICATION PROCESS YET AGAIN – HERE’S WHY!