Twitter periscope app will take off: Twitter plans to discontinue their live featuring app. In a blog post the company shared today, Twitter says it will discontinue the Periscope mobile apps by March 2021.

In a recent Blog post shared by Twitter, contained the future of it’s “Go live” app, Periscope. In short, The blog stated that the streaming app Periscope will be taken off by March 2021.

Periscope has been a liability for the company since the last two years and the company had to postpone the discontinuation of the app because of the other priorities which came suddenly because of the Covid-19 situation.

While they won't go offline until one year from now, Twitter has just begun the first phase of closing the applications.

An update, the organization delivered today keeps new users from signing up for a new account.

Per a FAQ the organization posted, any content you shared through Twitter will live on as replays, and the organization says you'll have the option to download the file you recorded before March 2021.

Also, the Periscope site will keep awake as a read-just document of recordings individuals broadcast publically.

Also, for those still determined to spill over Twitter, you'll have the option to do as such through the application's Twitter Live element. 

News about Twitter wanting to close down Periscope began to circle a week ago when designer and incessant component investigator Jane Manchun Wong discovered code pieces referring to a closure notice inside the application.

Twitter procured Periscope in 2015 preceding the application was even accessible to people in general.

In 2016, the organization proceeded to make the vast majority of Periscope's utility directly through its main application.

Periscope has also seen good days when it has the most number of downloads, venturing to such an extreme as to have an impact in the closure of opponents like Meerkat. In any case, it's since been dominated by stages like Twitch and YouTube.