Twitter verification: Recently, Twitter had declared that it will restart the account verification nearly after a long pause of years in the US. This account verification help provides blue tick to the known personalities thus making them as there official handles. Recently the verification started only for 8 days after getting closed once again. The company states that the sudden halt is the result of getting a large number of application for account verification purposes At the end of 2020, the company announced the new set of guidelines, which will define who can apply for the verification and highlighted the details about the verification process. It was also declared that government officials, activists, major internet influencers, and journalists will be fast-tracked, given the required paperwork is submitted. The verification of accounts restarted after 4 long years of Trump administration In a tweet announcing that it will not acknowledge more verification demands, the social-media platform explained that the further submission of applications has been halted until the submitted applications are cleared. Twitter also announced that it would characterize verified accounts into six classes. Although this classification might cause a slowdown of the verification process Accounts looking out for Twitter verification on platforms have to submit any government authorized ID to get verified Those applying for confirmation should affirm their credibility with a government-provided ID. Furthermore, their accounts more likely than not be in conflict with Twitter's principles and policies. Users can apply for confirmation directly through an option in the Settings tab, yet Twitter quit tolerating applications in 2017. As of now, around 360,000 individuals have Verified accounts on Twitter. That is a modest number thinking that the platform has around 187 million active users every day. Twitter verification, All things considered, we simply trust the number ascents soon so Twitterati approaches more trustworthy data and that Twitter begins accepting applications once more. Read More: TWITTER ACQUIRES AD-FREE SUBSCRIPTION-BASED SERVICE SCROLL