Apple iMessage: On being questioned by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft about collaborating its new Windows 11 with Apple devices. The iMessage app for Windows is not available currently, Nadella hinted that he is in support of bringing that change. He also suggested that these two companies would have a future together. The CEO of Indian origin in answer said that the company would be welcoming the integration of Apple devices with Windows 11 to include iTunes, Apple iMessage among others. Nadella also mentioned that Windows 11 will not charge any money from developers on the platform and also allow them to use payment options of their own. Microsoft just launched its New Windows 11 at an online event creating an impact on users with several new exciting features. A feature that has been noted as the center of attraction in the Windows 11 is the ability to run Android applications on PC and Laptops without any extensions. During the interview with Wall Street Journal, the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella stated that they would love to have Apple devices including iPhones collaborate with Windows 11. Nadella also stated that the company is trying to ensure that all the Microsoft apps run on Apple devices as well and provide a better experience without any hassles. Till now Microsoft has signed an agreement with Amazon’s application store and gave a surety that all the Android apps available on the store will run smoothly on Windows 11. He also mentioned that the company would be pleased to collaborate with all major app stores and providers to come on board with Windows 11 and also mentioned small developers to join the Windows 11. Nadella during the interview gave a very meaningful full reply to the interviewer when asked about the probable association with Apple, he after thinking for a while replied that the world requires an open platform. Apple has been criticized for having an exclusive and reclusive outlook when it comes to collaborating with other software and computer companies. During the interview, Nadella also added that Windows 11 will not be going to cost any fees to developers on its platform. Read More: APPLE DESIGN AWARDS 2021: INDIAN NAADSADHANA MUSIC APP IN 12 GLOBAL WINNERS