Worldwide Developers Conference: Every year, Apple holds WWD to share what they have cooked up for users and developers. This was a 4day event that took place in McEnery Convention Center in California between 3rd and 7th June 2019. The event covered Apple WWD 2019 Event Expectations Blog, the launch of iOS 13, iPadOS, an update on Siri and other software. Today we will talk about the events and software launched in WWD.

IOS 13

IOS 13 is coming with the Dark Mode- something that has been recently added to the Android Q Features. It is also coming with a swipe to type option in default keyword. Its performance has been improved compared to other versions. The most important thing about this version is, its size is decreased to almost half when downloaded from the app store.


Our Apple TV experience can be revamped by new updates of tvOS. This has now a home screen with full-screen content preview and multi-user support feature. It will also have a personalized recommendation feature that suggests you watch on Apple TV. It also will have lyrics displayed while playing music or song so that you can sing along with a song. Besides, upcoming tvOS 13 will support Bluetooth controllers, Xbox, and many other gaming controllers.

Redesign Health App

Apple’s Health app designed to improve an individual's health is also going to be redesigned and improved. This app will help you compare your last 90 days data with 365 days data which will help you get personalized advice. This is also taking a closer step towards women's health. They launched a Cycle app for women that will monitor their menstrual cycle.

Upgrade Siri

The major focus in WWD 2019 was regarding the updates in Siri. This digital assistance if Apple will get more natural sound this year. It will also be able to understand and analyze complex instructions rather than only single piece of commands. This update is made in order to bring it back in the market to have a tough fight with Google Assistance.

RealKit, ARKit 3

This year, Apple is looking to take a step in AR filed to next level. The tech giant launched ARKit 3 with motion capture technology. This will make it easier for you to record and replace yourself in the AR environment. This will surely push developers and investors towards AR technology.

Feedback Assistance

Apple also announced that they are discontinuing Bug Report Feature as soon as possible. From now feedback assistance will be available on iPad, Mac and other Apple products. Also, they will send a feedback ID to the developers when they will file the bug. This will help them to track the status of bugs.


Another significant announcement for Apple users in WWD was the announcement of iPadOS. This platform will serve as the unique operating systems for iPads. This OS is coming with different features like opening multiple apps in different windows, access to web browsing environment and support for USB thumb drives.

Apple Maps

Another announcement made in WWD was the redesign of apple maps. Apple has made major changes in app with the focus to make user's experience smoother. They have also announced users better control of their data. There will be improvements made in the GPS location also. Thus these are some of the points about which Apple talked in Worldwide Developers Conference in 2019. We found many interesting changes made and many h2 promises made to the user. We wish to see all these changes and reforms done as soon as possible so that we can take advantage of such features. What do you think was the best feature added for Apple among above-mentioned points?