Zuckerberg to turn Facebook into metaverse: Facebook’s 37-year-old founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg in the recently held virtual conference while addressing the employees of Facebook stated that the company will effectively be turning itself from people observing them as the primary social media company to become the metaverse company in the future. This could be an end of privacy on social media and the beginning of the era of supercharged misinformation for more intrusive surveillance and causing more rampant harassment on the conventional social media platform. Zuckerberg to turn Facebook into Metaverse, Facebook’s Co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg now has a vision of a metaverse as an embodiment of the internet which is almost accessible all across the globe in virtual reality, computers mobile devices, augmented reality, and other gaming consoles. He also described it as a persistent synchronous environment where everyone can be together. The CEO also imagined that the people are jumping to 3D concerts and where they are sitting together as a hologram only with the devices everyone is familiar with. With the ideology of creating Facebook a metaverse company, the Facebook CE is losing his hunger on some obvious things. The answer to the metaverse as a social media’s future is a clear “Yes” but does society want Facebook to build it for everyone. Facebook’s track record in the last some years with data privacy and security is not desirable and it is the same as with its advertising policies and ethics. Facebook also has to face many class-action lawsuits over several issues. It is stated that in the metaverse everything or action one performs either mentally and physically is going to be observed, capitalized, and interpreted by the Big technology companies. Thinking about the ideology of how advertisements are delivered in the metaverse is simply scary but one cant conclude it saying as creepy enough because my search on Google for silver pendant becomes an advertisement on Instagram. Zuckerberg to turn Facebook into Metaverse, The recent report of The New York Times stated that the new open-world video games such as Fortnite and Roblox will be going to increase features for more metaverse elements. Read More: FACEBOOK HAS REMOVED 30 MILLION POSTS DUE TO NEW IT RULES OF INDIA