When setting up an eCommerce store, we all know there is no better choice than WooCommerce.  It has everything you need to keep your store running. Everything is available in a few clicks, from adding bulk products to automatic shipping schedules. If WooCommerce does not meet your store's needs, you can install a plugin to update it. Different plugins are available for various purposes.  Since thousands of plugins are available on the market, it isn't easy to find the right plugins you need.  For this reason, I'm sharing with you the best WooCommerce plugins that are highly recommended for online stores.

An overview of WooCommerce plugins

Which plugin you want for your store depends on many variables explained here.  But we believe that every accessory you use should include five essential features:
  • Improve the Customer Experience

Any plugin you choose for your WooCommerce store should improve your customer experience.  This could be setting up checks, adding requirements, adding search functionality, or something else.
  • Be Value for Money

Some of the WooCommerce plugins for WordPress are free, some are cheap, and some are small.  Whether or not premium packaging offers good value depends on what you're looking for.  While some here may seem expensive, the features and benefits they bring justify the investment.
  • Improve Sales

All plugins, direct or indirect, should help you improve your sales.  Whether simple programs, privacy branding, or online forms, if they all add value to your store, they're worth using.

1. WooCommerce Smart Coupons

If you haven't used the built-in feature of your eCommerce store, you should start now and install this tool.  This is one of the best WooCommerce discount plugins in the world. With WooCommerce Smart Coupons, you can read thousands of coupons once, one by one, for customers and add them to your WooCommerce online help.  In addition, you can sell at a discount on the product and buy the value or sell the product for sale.

2. WooCommerce Banner Images

Banners are an excellent opportunity to introduce products, promote sales and special offers, and reinforce your brand identity.  Use banners to increase user engagement and increase revenue. WooCommerce banner images help admins to create banners for their store pages.  You can add flags to many pages, including store pages, categories, product pages, individual product pages, checkout pages, and thank you pages. The WooCommerce banner image plugin allows you to add banners for sales, purchase orders, and other promotions for your product categories, pages, products, products, checkout, and thank you pages.  The administrator controls the plugin to enable or disable tags in the store/shop.

3. WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

Monitoring the behavior of your users is essential so that you can better understand their journey.  The WooCommerce Google Analytics plugin will help you track all the methods you need to determine how your website is being used and use it correctly. This plugin allows you to track visitors and increase sales in your WooCommerce store.  You can also add a purchase referral link and traffic information to your Google Analytics data for details.  Other features include Global Site Tag support, enhanced business intelligence, and Universal Analytics. All in all, Google Analytics for WooCommerce is essential if you track and convert visitor information into more relevant information.

4. WooCommerce Multilingual

With WooCommerce multilingual plugin, you can translate all parts of your online store and increase your revenue. This allows you to take advantage of global markets and offers customers a great shopping experience in the language of their choice. This plugin allows you to adjust automatic and manual translation options as well as features for finding translations and optimizing your website.

5. WooCommerce Wholesale Suite

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite is a set of three plugins that make it easy to set wholesale prices in WooCommerce for large customers and other businesses. Wholesale prices can be easily displayed to wholesale customers. You can also set a minimum amount to apply the bulk discount.  At the same time, you can continue offering regular prices to customers.

6. Booster for WooCommerce

If you are running an international business, Booster for WooCommerce can save you a lot of trouble.  This powerful engine offers many features, from language settings to multiple discount rates, currency conversions and country-specific rates, and more. Booster for WooCommerce includes an impressive set of features you may find while using WooCommerce.  These features include multiple price conversions, currencies, global rates, and tools to allow your customers to offer their prices. The list of add-ons and many unique highlights goes on and on.  In addition to payment gateways and checkout, there are also features for products and checkout.  As such, it's worth checking before choosing a particular setup with only one problem.

7. WooMarketing Bundle

This stylish package for promoting your WooCommerce store is created by the people behind WooCommerce itself. WooMarketing Bundle includes email marketing with Mailchimp, Facebook integration, dynamic pricing, significant discounts, and email marketing. And instead of buying these extensions individually, buying this WooCommerce extension pack is a great way to save money.

8. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

WooCommerce PDF invoices & packing slips are a free add-on for WooCommerce.  The PDF invoice is automatically added to order confirmation emails sent to your customers. It also provides invoices and lists attachments in PDF format to your customers. They can easily download or print from there.

9. Checkout Manager for WooCommerce

The checkout process for all customers is an integral part of their journey.  If everything went well while they were shopping, but the checkout was terrible, the whole experience went down the drain, resulting in a high cart abandonment rate.  The Checkout Manager plugin for WooCommerce will help you avoid these problems. This plugin allows you to customize the entire checkout process by including only the required fields.  You can also add a pre-sale message to personalize the process. Overall, this can be a great way to meet your customer.  Among many other options, you can do many things to create a checkout experience for your customers that will keep them coming back for more.

10. WooCommerce Menu Cart

The WooCommerce Menu Cart plugin works with many eCommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, WP-Ecommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads.  Its primary purpose is to add cart to cart. This is because some WordPress designs and themes do not have stock images at the top of the page.  This usually indicates that the theme is not designed to work correctly with WooCommerce.  However, since most of the themes are still compatible with WooCommerce, you only need to add some elements, such as the scroll bar, from this plugin.


Among the many eCommerce platforms available, WooCommerce is one of them.  However, if you combine it with some special plugins that people have developed to enhance its features, you can create an excellent online store. The features of all these WooCommerce plugins are very different.  So it is better first to decide what you want to improve in your store, identify problems and needs, and then choose suitable options. Read More: HOW TO INTEGRATE WOOCOMMERCE WITH YOUR WORDPRESS WEBSITE