Coronavirus Tracking App: The current time of all over the world is unprecedented. Everyone has been asked to stay in their homes to maintain social distancing. Also, to ensure that all citizens of the country stay safe and healthy.

We all are facing the outrage of the global coronavirus pandemic. The cases of coronavirus are continuously increasing with the going days. The total number of positive cases has reached 46000+ and the death toll has reached over 1500 in India by Tuesday.

The rising number of coronavirus cases has become a critical concern for people across the world. This pandemic across India and all over the world has made a challenging situation for all humans.

5 apps that can help you to track coronavirus
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This outbreaking situation has stopped daily activities and essential works of people. But to curb the situation several companies and governments have launched few apps. Whether it is an office employee, students, or farmers, everyone has got some apps for their work. These apps not only help to continue their work but also give easiness in this tough time.

With these apps, Governments, and organizations also develop a few essential apps that help people to track the virus. The apps also provide up-to-date news and details about the Coronavirus.

One of the most essential features of the apps is to search the infected people. It helps in finding if you have been in contact with people infected with the Coronavirus.

Listed below are the apps through which you can be aware of this virus and take advantage of the above benefits. All the apps have developed during the CoronaVirus Outbreak:

1) Aarogya Setu - Coronavirus Tracking App

5 apps that can help you to track coronavirus
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Aarogya Setu which means ‘a bridge of health’ is the widely used coronavirus tracking app.

The Indian Government launches the Arogya Setu App, a few days after the outbreak. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology developed the App in cooperation with the private sector organizations.

The app evaluates the risk of infection with the coronavirus. It is built in 11 languages in which 10 are Indian languages and English. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms and can downloadable from the app and play store.

Nita Verma, director-general of the National Informatics Center, said in a report that the app will help the government take timely steps to check the risk of the spread of Covid-19 disease. It will also help to ensure the survey if required. The aim of the Aarogya Setu app is to keep people aware in case they meet with someone who has tested positive.

After installation of the app, you will have to use the phone's Bluetooth and location. As the whole process will work through these features.

The tracking is done through mobile Bluetooth & location generated social graph, which will display your interaction with anyone who has tested positive.

The app has a tool for self-testing. People need to answer a few questions related to their health and travel history. In case if some of the answers state COVID symptoms, the information will be sent to the government server. Based on the data the government will take necessary steps for the people.

The app enables people to check the risk of catching coronavirus infection based on the sensitive parameter. The whole calculation concluded using Bluetooth algorithms, artificial intelligence, and the user's location. It also shows the total cases of Corona across India and different states.

2) Yubo COVID-19 Bot

5 apps that can help you to track coronavirus
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Yubo COVID-19 Bot is a self-support tool under WHO instructions and in cooperation with medical experts to offer direct details about Covid-19.

The chatbot will help you to get any information about the Coronavirus. And, will also offer you the best solution to control this disease.

Through this bot, you can find country-specific corona live figures. Also, you can know experts talk about COVID-19, and needed safety measures against this harmful infection in one place.

The main benefit of the Bot is you can test yourself for Corona infection. The test will be done through your Mobile Screen or Laptop by answering a few simple questions related to COVID 19.

On the basis of the given inputs about the current health status, Bot will recommend the best possible suggestion and solutions.


3) Mahakavach - Coronavirus Tracking App

Mahakavach is a digital contact tracing app for Covid-19, developed by Maharashtra State Innovation Society.

The app Mahakavach has both contact tracking and quarantine tracking features. It helps citizens to support and assists in tracing the contacts with a possible risk of COVID-19 by supporting Health administration.

Mahakavach app will seek permission to access your location. It also supports updating the quarantine status to better accession.


4) COVA Punjab

The government of Punjab launched the COVA App to alert the citizens of Punjab from coronavirus. The app provides citizens preventive care information and other government advisories. It is available both on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Users will gain the latest updates from government, advisories, and support via PUSH notification. The app also provides real-time coronavirus cases, measures, preventions, and latest updates.

Listed below are the main facilities of the app which users can get:

  1. Live dashboard for Punjab, India and global data
  2. Symptoms checking of Corona and a quick self-screening
  3. COVID-19 Awareness
  4. Traveling guidelines.
  5. Corona Hospitals in Punjab
  6. FAQ and
  7. Call Support

COVA app will provide all the essential and important news related to COVID-19.


MP COVID RESPONSE app has been developed by the National Health Mission (MP).

The citizens of Madhya Pradesh can use this app to fight the spread of coronavirus. With the help of this app, citizens can let the nearest hospital or government know about their health issues.

In case if any people feel symptoms of COVID-19, they can report a case through this application. After reporting, the person will be contacted by the nearest health center.

Through this app, you can get the latest guidelines issued by the MP government and details of CM Relief Fund.


With the help of these apps, one can get notified about the latest information about COVID-19.

There are few more apps as every state government has taken the initiative to alert its citizens from the coronavirus. Download the app based on your state or use the chatbot for the perfect and quick health checkup from time to time. Because, In this situation, it is pretty important to stay calm and relaxed.