Java Technology Trends 2021: Everyone is still fascinated with Java’s incredible web and mobile app development around the world. It is the preferred choice among business owners for enterprise solutions that support a large user base. Contrary to popular belief that Java has become outdated, this language isn’t going to disappear anytime soon.  If you are looking for a web app development project, there has been an increment in the Java use for Data Science apps. It has been projected that programming language will be a dominant platform in the software development era in the coming years.  Whether you are a developer or a business owner planning to use Java for enterprise apps, it is essential to be aware of the trends that will be buzzing in 2021 and beyond. Here are the latest seven Java technology for web and mobile app development:

Top 7 Java technology trends for web and mobile app development in 2021

If you are planning to select Java for your next app development project, here are some trends for 2021.

Java Technology #1 - Artificial Intelligence-Driven Apps

The popularity of Java has skyrocketed among AI development companies thanks to its low maintenance, transparency, and portability. And it is expected that it will continuously grow beyond. Java is a suitable language for developing AI-driven apps. In addition, Java offers a host of resources that aid connect ML with AI, leading to the development of apps that accelerate business growth. 

Java Technology #2 - Big Data 

We produce massive amounts of data every day. That’s why big data is required to garner, store and process these huge data streams to get better actionable information. Although organizations are turning their attention to big data measures, Java demand is also increasing. Java will be one of the preferred languages for big data projects due to its open-source tools such as Apache Hadoop and Apache Mahout. 

Java Technology #3 - Serverless Architecture 

Migration to serverless architecture is projected to be rending this year and beyond. Serverless architecture is the software design pattern for developing apps without managing infrastructure. In this cloud service model, the developer wants to focus on coding instead of infrastructure. With Java, developers can build a strong serverless system. 

Java Technology #4 - Cloud-Based Models 

Cloud computing is the trendy Java language on which developers will put high-end focus in 2021 and beyond. With many businesses, many enterprises embracing cloud technology for maintaining their data. After all, cloud computing is the best Java web app development due to its robustness, ease of use, and security. This program can run on a huge range of OS such as iOS and Windows. 

Java Technology #5 - SaaS & PaaS 

SaaS and PaaS hold a strong position in the market and are expected to grow in the future. Gartner reported that Software as a Service has the largest market segmented. It is expected that it will grow to $117.7 billion in 2021, but Platform as a Service is forecasted to surpass SaaS and grow by 26.6%. It could be a profitable opportunity for organizations and developers working on SaaS and PaaS. 

Java Technology #6 - Remote Access Solutions 

Another Java web application trend of 2021 is remote access solutions. As the instruction lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has demanded the world to work from home, remote access services have earned huge popularity. Java is an effective tool for creating efficient and convenient solutions like remote working apps, virtual private networks, and maintenance. 

Java Technology #7 - Spring Framework

From retail stores to streaming platforms, Spring is the Java technology used almost everywhere. So, if you are a Java Script app developer, you need to add this framework to your technology stack as it is forecasted that this latest Java technology will be in demand in 2021 and beyond. With Spring security and Spring bot 2 updates in the market, Java has created a buzz around this framework. What’s more, it is lightweight and easy to use. That’s why it has gained a strong position among developers and business owners.  Hopefully, these latest Java technology trends for 2021 and beyond is helpful for developers and organizations. Whether you want a cloud-based model or machine learning app development, Java will continue to be in demand. For reliable Java web app development solutions, you need to get in touch with Yugasa!

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