Online Learning in 2020: We all are leaving in a digital age, the era where it's never too late to expand your knowledge and skills. With the advancement of technology, every aspect of the world has changed. The face of education has also changed in this digital time.

Knowledge is something that anyone can grab from anywhere and through any source. There are people who are unable to expand their skills in their respective fields. There are several reasons behind this like lack of resources and coaching institutes and many more.

8 Best Apps For Online Learning In 2020
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So, with entertainment through mobile apps, several mobile apps have been developed also for education. When we can get everything in just a simple click, so we must utilize these technologies for our education.

Education apps have brought a revolutionary change across the world and India. They have not only made learning easy for students but also have diminished the stress for the parents as well. Using smartphones for learning has changed the definition of education for many people.

Education and learning are a vast term and when we think of merging it, it comes in a great combination. There are various educational software and tools available in the market that are widely used by many institutions. They use that software to assist their students as well as staff.

Therefore, without any confusion and doubt, we have assembled a list of the 8 best learning apps. These apps are mainly designed to help, make users learn, and improve their knowledge.

Those who are interested and who have the passion to learn new skills every time should definitely go through these sites and apps.

Udemy Online Courses - Online Learning in 2020

Udemy Online Courses is popular as one of the best educational apps worldwide. It is developed on both Android and iOS platforms. Both platforms users can easily download it and use it. It provides all the educational courses that you can need. Through its courses, anyone can very easily and effectively learn the skill and can gain knowledge.

Whether it is about any office related course or any technology-related courses, you will get all of those here in a simple go.

Key Features

  • Courses are available in 60 different languages.
  • Offer over 13 million courses.
  • Courses are available on 2 thousand topics and subjects.
  • Offer both paid and free courses for users.
  • Provide the download feature for courses.

LinkedIn Learning (

Linkedin Learning app or is a superior online learning platform. The main motive of this app is to support people to learn the skills that are required to achieve your full potential.

It helps anyone who wants to learn business, software, technology, and other innovative skills to obtain personal and professional goals. To support individual learners for achieving personal and professional goals, the app offers flexible, cost-effective group memberships for business, school, or government organizations.

Key Features:

  • Provide access to over 16,000 courses.
  • Ability to download courses for offline viewing.
  • Offer both free and subscription courses for users.
  • Personalized course recommendations based on your skill.
  • Option to share courses with your network.

Coursera Online courses - Online Learning in 2020

Coursera is one of the widely used learning app. its available in both Android, iOS version anyone can easily get it from their respective app store.

Through Coursera, you can learn many things from anywhere and anytime.

You will find lots of exciting subjects and topics to learn from this platform.

All course trainers are selected from different universities and trained sectors. From this platform, you will have a better experience of learning the top-notch technologies.

Key Features:

  • Offer over two thousand courses.
  • Educators from over 140 universities educate through these courses.
  • Video streaming from several university teachers’ lectures.
  • Provide the ability to gain new degrees from different universities through online courses.

EDX: Online Courses by Harvard, Imperial, MIT, IBM

With the edx mobile app, you can obtain new skills and knowledge. The edx is an online course based educational mobile app available for both Android, iOS platform.

edx provides multiple courses on different topics and subjects. So, just choose the app, choose your course, learn the skill and be a pro on that.

Key Features:

  • Provide over 2000 courses.
  • Over 140 institutions are making courses through the app.
  • Offer various quiz tastes and practice sessions.

Skillshare Creative Classes

Skillshare is an online learning group where millions of people come together to take the next step in their creative journey. its an online class based educational app available for both Android and iOS platforms.

With various things to discover, project development, and the help of partner creatives, Skillshare entitles you to attain your true growth.

Key Features:

  • Offer various subject courses like Technical, artistic, cultural, and more.
  • Provide Over 28 thousand online classes.
  • Provide the opportunity to join a group of 7 million learners.
  • Give the ability to download classes to learn offline.

Stepik best online courses

Stepik provides the online-based course in a simple click. It offers free courses across the world. The course is conduct by specialties, they will lecture on the topic that is very effective and useful.

Millions of people are utilizing this app and growing their knowledge. It is available for both Android and iOS users.

Key Features:

  • Provide access to lots of video courses and assignments.
  • Ability to download the courses and continue learning offline.
  • They have a deadline for all courses that will make the user attentive and sincere.

Solo Learn

Sololearn is a complete one-stop solution for code lovers. It has the largest series of code learning content from beginner to pro. Also, they offer completely free content.

This app can help you in learning languages from basic to advanced. Sololearn offers a free code editor to users. Its community keeps posting fresh content on a daily basis.

Key Features:

  • Provide a great number of quiz texts and practices.
  • Offer lots of courses from basic to advanced levels.
  • The app offers a 24\7 support system.

Coding Ninjas

Code Ninja provides an innovative way to train and educate the people.

Their motive is to continuously innovate the best ways to train the next generation of developers.

They offer both offline courses and online classrooms both. The aim behind it is that students can learn to code whenever they want.

Key Features:

  • Provide a very adaptive and creative classroom.
  • Offer doubt clearing sessions at the specific allotted time.
  • Provide huge courses on various subjects.

These are the top 8 mobile apps available in both Android and iOS platforms through which you can get advanced knowledge in a specific subject. Also, with the help of these apps, you can enhance and sharpen your knowledge.