Google clock App: The Clock app from Google is one of the most important applications on a smartphone which is an in-build system apart from that most of the alarm applications are quite more reliable but the bug has caused an issue to the android users and similarly, this is the exact thigh which has happened to the Clock alarm by Google. Many smartphone users have approached to appear on social media and have complained about the new bug which has made a very harsh impact on the Clock application by Google and now Google is working on investigating the issue. In the report by the Android Authority, most of the users who have faced the issue in the Clock app by Goggle have started to burst their frustration out with the Clock application by Google in the application’s listing on the Google Play Store by reviewing the application with a one-star rating. One of the most common issues which are mentioned in the complaints is in the connection with the alarms not ringing for explaining this issue a Reddit thread has also been designed and these other users who are facing the problem are sharing their similar experiences. It is been found that the issue has appeared might be caused by the users enabling Do Not Disturb in the settings or using the third-party applications as the alarm sounds like Spotify. Google has also enabled users who don’t have Google Pixel to download the Clock application by Google on their smartphones. Most of the negative reviews are by the users who are using the Clock application by Goggle with other devices and they have claimed that they have been affected by the same bug. Google clock App, Google has concluded that it will take a long time to fix this bug for the other devices on the Android Police has got a lead from Reddit which has been posted by the Goggle Pixel community which stated that the bug has been identified and the company will be updating a new version of the application soon along with that the users are also asked the stop using sounds from Spotify to set an alarm tone till the time Google came up with an update for it Clock app. Read More: US ALONG WITH BIG TECH GIANTS MICROSOFT AND GOOGLE IS ALL SET TO INVEST 30 BILLION US DOLLARS IN CYBERSECURITY IN 5 YEARS