Freelancer Web Development Firms: With a rising trend in business outsourcing, there are too many freelancers and web design firms who claim to provide you the best solution for your venture. Though its good to have many options but sometimes it be becomes really hard to decide as to whom to hire. Here are a few guidelines to help you recognize the differences between hiring a freelance designer and a reputable web design company.

Experience of hiring a Freelancer - Freelancer Web Development Firms

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  1. Hiring an individual costs less as compared to a professional development firm because a freelancer will not have any overhead like running cost etc.
  2. He will be single point of contact for every communication. So development progress can easily be mapped well with the billing.
  3. A freelancer may be an expert in his own work, but if he needs any other skill set to work on your project, then its a tough fight and the whole experience may turn into a nightmare.
  4. A freelancer is a not at all bound to follow any specific guidelines or project management tools, unless you are very strict regarding those facilities for yourself.
  5. It becomes little difficult for freelancers to adjust with a bigger team, in case you do have other members working on the same project. Being an individual, they are good in performing a task in isolation, but when it comes to a team work, they really feel it hard to adjust easily.
  6. With just one person on board for developing your whole project, certainly you may miss a possibility where multiple people may work for you and henceforth may come up with good suggestions with their respective experience and imagination.
  7. The time a freelancer spends in communicating with you after the project development starts is equivalent to the time, he does not code for your project. This becomes a considerable reason for delayed deliveries if the chatting sessions go longer and the irony is that you can not stop communication too, because that may cause a gap in understanding. And this is not all. In case the project deliveries are stretched, you do not have anyone else to join in and meet the deadlines. No extra resource availability even if you are ready to pay more.

Experience of hiring a Development Firm

  1. A firm will give you a certain level of guarantee for an on time and quality oriented delivery.
  2. Firm have intact practices to keep themselves updated with latest technology trends. Having a project developed with such a team means a quality project with latest tech trends used.
  3. Bringing an additional resource on board as per project requirement and that too with variety of other required experiences is very easy while working with a firm.
  4. Companies are generally highly focused on customer satisfaction and hence follow Project Management Tools and other required development tools like Code auditing tools, Continuous Integration, SVN tool etc. As most of the times, these are open source tools, so this does not add any price in your bill, but will improve the communication and will also quicken the delivery.
  5. Companies do have their proper office locations, where you can contact them or even meet them as per their availability. This gives you an assurance that your money is safe and that you shall certainly get a delivery against the paid money.
  6. Working with a development firm ensures that you get an expert of everything, you need for your project without any delay.
  7. Hiring a development firm may cost you slightly more initially, but in the end, it really pays off. With almost zero probability of a project failure, hiring a development firm indeed proves to be a cost effective option.