Adani Group launch super app: Tata Gautam Adani, Chairman of Adani Group has stated in a report that their organizations have doubled their efforts for creating a super app after looking towards the first or beta version in July 2021.

Adani Group of companies is all set to launch its super app and ready to make a big move in the tech segment.

The Ahmedabad-based company has to set up its new division and name it Adani Digital Labs which has its main objective to fuel the ambitions of the new upcoming super application that has to be launched in a competitive environment against the big tech giants such as GooglePay, PhonePe, and Paytm.

Gautam Adani in an Interview with Times Of India stated that it took him less than 30 minutes to decide that the company must become a super player in the space.

This is for those people who are still uninitiated and this super application will going to give access to the user to different services at a single platform such as e-commerce, bill payments, and online ticket booking.

Adani also stated that the group has currently around 400 million active consumers who are using the products and services which is offered by the company. The company has also in other businesses such as gas, airports, edible oils, financial services, and realty.

Adani Digital Lab at present consists of about 100 employees and from them, 78 were present in the meeting which was conducted recently.

It was a no-brainer that needs to be unified in a single digital platform that too based on an approach that requires a lot of leverage for unprecedented possibility in the business environment and all the employees who were present in the meeting got an order by Adani.

The reason behind the Adani Group is to make so much of a hurry to complete the updated version of the application. Adani Group of Industries has decided to launch the final version of the application for the consumers and adapt the new super app which gives access to every facility in one place.