AI Covid-19: During World War 2 the prime minister of British stated that “never let a good crisis go to waste” in 1940 and it might be misrepresented among the public. 

However, it meant that one must ask the question to accept reality and take it as a challenge and see what good you can do in even the worst situation. 

And if we talk about the Covid-19 pandemic then the AI adoption rate increases in India which is a great use of this period by the technology.

 In a survey, it is cleared that the rate of AI adoption in India’s private sector has increased from 62% to 70%, with many of the organizations which change the way they run the business.

They also change the way of taking decisions, to emerge stronger from the Covid crises.

In this time it is also seen that now Artificial Intelligence is not only related to the technology but it is also related to the business now.

Businesses are implementing AI in their services to make it possible that they can earn and stay in the market even in the lockdown period which is very tough for the businesses.

This new trend is not only limited in India but in every country, it is adopted for businesses and other purposes so that people’s source of income should be open for them. 

Across the globe despite the economic challenges that the pandemic creates, many companies are seeing an increment in their profit and even their value in the market doubled because of Artificial Intelligence.

Many companies targeted their customers with the help of AI and they had successfully completed their targets of doing contracts or doing a meeting.

AI is used by many sectors like, healthcare, educational field, pharmaceutical industries, etc and it grew just because of the Covid-19 pandemic, while the devastatingly affected by the use of AI is done by hospitality and travel sector which is really bad for them because they took the opportunity of those and providing better services to the public.

If we talk about the sectors such as manufacturing and IT service, then the rise in AI adoption comes as a result of reconfiguring to more automated processes, use of the technology for secure remote work processes and for the better work and for the cybersecurity risk created as well.

In the case of retail Covid-19 has forced the strategy to change especially with the CPG and FMCG sector products, forcing many brands to change their strategy and to adapt to the situation at that moment.

It is also found in the research that some brands are lacking because so many smaller and new brands are using AI and trying to provide more facility to the customer who is attracting them and they are using these brands.

Now we can say that if you are going to competitive then AI has become a new trend in the market which is mandatory for brands to get success. 

AI is known as Virtual Assistant for the company because they work virtually and completed all the duties like the assistant of the human being.

They are also working 24*7 so that the customer will get the solution to their problems instantly.

AI Covid-19 AI means that there are artificial people who can talk over the phone or text and it will feel like you are talking to a natural human being.

That’s why it is like a collaboration between virtual and human agents in which human trend with the help of AI and it help to the customers.   

AI has been introduced for a long but brands or companies were not implemented it in their business but the pandemic forces them to do something with the help of the technology so that their business should not be missed by other brands in the market.

Now the point is that where the brands or companies will get these facilities or the services of AI so that they can also implement it. So there so many companies who are proving the service of Artificial Intelligence and Yugasa are one of these companies.

 Yugasa Software Labs is a software development company which is working globally and they are providing mostly facilities to the clients.

They are the one who always tries to give best to their clients and provide the services not to earn profit only but also to make a relation with the client which is very much important for the companies.

They provide services in the field of mobile application development, web development, AI & Machine Learning, and many more.

Their objective is that if a client needs so many services of the technology then they should be able to provide every kind of service under a single roof so that client can be stable to your company which is very important for the companies in this time of the competition. 

Yugasa has classified the service of Artificial Intelligence and quoted that the future is in AI and it will help you to achieve your target.

They also said that it is like a prediction of the future. Prediction is not magic now but you can easily predict the situation and can prepare yourself to face that particular situation according to yourself.

It is an important feature for Artificial Intelligence because it helps to create the feature of the AI to be used by the customer. 

Yugasa also mentioned that it is supervised learning and AI is capable to handle data and use it for another purpose.

For ex, if a customer responded to your answer and AI recorded it then you will be able to work on that so that every customer will be satisfied with the services of the company. It will automate every business.

It helps people to learn and to increase their productivity in the market. Even it also becomes a trend of AI and the company to provide better service to their client. 

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