Advantages of E-commerce App: Starting a weekend without any office stress is certainly different. All you want to do is lie in your bed and spend a cozy time watching TV. Just imagine, you switch on your TV to only learn that the screen is no more working! What a dream buster! You start panicking! Now, you will have to re-plan your Sunday in shopping for the new TV! Or wait….what if you could just order a new TV right from your bed? Yes! That is exactly what you will do! It is so easy to order anything you want these days! It’s all just a click away!

With digital technology on the boost, having your business on a digital platform is becoming mandatory these days. Every business is now selling on e-commerce websites or a mobile app. The boom of e-commerce websites started a couple of years back with the introduction of now famous portal like FlipKart and Amazon. However, now having just an e-commerce website seems to be not enough! Android and iOS Apps have become the new and the most comfortable user features in the electronic industry. With the introduction of Mobile ecommerce Apps the Industry has seen a steep rise in the business as well. Let us look at a few factors as to why having an e-commerce application for your business is a must these days.

Ease of Operation - Advantages of E-commerce App

advantages of e commerce over traditional retail
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It just can’t be left un-noticed that mobile applications are the easiest way to access any kind of information you want. This means that if you have an application running on every mobile then that would be the first place clients would go to buy their things as it is very easy to operate.

Location independent business

When you operate your business using an e-commerce application that means you have a business in every house that has a smart phone! Whenever a client looks for a quick shopping the first thing he prefers is to have a look at an eCommerce app, he has installed on his mobile.

Advantages of E-commerce App - Social Media Promotion and Branding

A basic business rule says that a satisfied client attracts another client. Referral options with in eCommerce mobile apps let a business perform an effortless branding. All what you have to do is to let your happy clients refer you to their friends and earn incentives. It is a sort of win-win situation, where you get a new customer in return. And all that does not need any manual efforts. Your business can automate it all on its own.

Ease of Tracking

With everything digital, you can keep track of the products that flow in your service with ease.

A step towards a greener world

With an e-commerce app you can also send e-Invoices to your clients. Thus reducing the amount of paper used for invoicing. This makes your business contribute towards a cleaner and greener India.

When you decide to have an e-commerce App for your business there are a certain things that you need to consider. Checkout some important features as mentioned below

User friendly Layout

The best App is the one with a very good user friendly layout. At the end, it is the client who has to be able to use the App of your business. So while getting your App designed, make sure that the dumbest of the dumb client can access your App easily

Attracting Themes

A business is as good as its App. This is a saying that is becoming very common these days. Though it is essential to keep your App simple so that it is user friendly, you should also keep in mind that your App must have an eye catching theme with Vibrant colors that go well with your business.

Multiple Payment Options

With the entry of 100s of e-payment methods you should do a good research about the various
options available and select at least a couple of e-payment gateways that are secure to use for both your company and for the clients.

Google in your business

Google offers a lot of services that help e-commerce applications and the businesses running it understand the buying habits of the various clients that visit their App. Make sure you integrate your e-commerce app with these services.

Easy registration and navigation

It is also very important to collect the user data when they use your App. But that should no mean that it becomes a cumbersome process to your clients who visit your App. You must ensure that the registration process is very simple and easy. Also the process to help your clients navigate through the various aspects of your app should be very simple. We at Yugasa Software Labs are specialized in hand holding businesses in developing their software products from the idea stage to launching it successfully.