One of the foremost trending searches in recent times has got to be the word ‘Zoom meeting’. What exactly is a zoom video conferencing app, anyway, and how does it work? This is a demand a lot of us were hearing, highly because of the effects COVID-19 is having on the economy.

Due to the pandemic followed by a lockdown in major countries, tons of companies are forced to adapt their operations by making their employees work from home, cutting down on the chances of them getting sick on the job.

Zoom Meetings may be a video conferencing platform owned by the corporate called Zoom. The software allows employees of a corporation to possess online meetings while working remotely. It also can come up with HD video as well as audio and supports up to 1,000 participants per conference.

The rise in demand for video conferencing and online meetings has skyrocketed during the time of the Covid-19 crisis. Entrepreneurs and businesses are noticing this as a prospect and are eager on developing an app like Zoom.

Why Companies Prefer to Host Meetings Online?

You have experienced that there is a deficiency of apps that make video calls. Also, nobody wants to figure out a sophisticated service or pay money to hitch a gaggle call. So we are getting to discuss why companies and organizations like better to host a gathering online. Many companies and organizations like better to host meetings online to save lots of tons of cash. Hosting a gathering at a selected point implies that business partners, shareholders, and other members of the corporate will need to travel from different parts of the world to the place where the meeting is taking place.

Since the organizations are located in most instances, this means that they will have to spend a substantial amount of money, when they could have easily held a meeting online. Another reason for hosting a gathering online is convenience. Online meetings can be conducted anytime and anywhere. Even if the person is way and engaged elsewhere, one needs only to seek out an area where the conference are often undertaken conveniently online.

Here are 5 meeting apps below:

1. zoom

2. ezTalks Meetings


4. WebEx

5. GoToMeeting

let us understand what Zoom video conferencing app is in detail.

Features of Zoom Video Conferencing App

First of all, Zoom Meetings contains all the features a company needs to hold online meetings, regardless of its size and strength. engaging individuals can connect in from a computer or a mobile device everywhere they are in the world as long as they have an internet connection. One can activate their cameras so others can see them or keep them off if they are doing not want anyone else to ascertain them or are concerned about privacy.

Alongside this, every individual can also turn off their microphone to make sure there are no background noises when someone speaks.

Screen sharing: If the demand arises, participants can allocate their screens with others, which comes in handy for different presentations and educational workshops.

Virtual hand-raising: When someone desires to speak or has a concern, they can wave it to the host by raising their hand virtually throughout an emoji. This obstructs multiple people from speaking at one time and improves communication.

Chat: Each Zoom Meeting contains an integrated chat feature that allows participants to communicate effectively with each other during a meeting.

Polls: As a presenter, one can create a survey and share it with candidates in the meeting to gather their responses and opinions about a topic.

Record meeting: Every Zoom meeting one holds is often recorded with the press of a button. One can save a recording locally on a tool or upload it to the cloud.

Mute participants: The presenter of a meeting gets the capacity to mute the mic of any participant they desire.

The software also has Virtual Background which allows you to set an image or video as your background during a meeting. This can be helpful for someone who does not want others to see the inside of their apartment. It also has a feature called ‘Touch Up My Appearance’, which is a filter that smoothes out your skins.

How much will it cost if you wished to build your tale of a video conferencing app and software like Zoom?

There are numerous things to think about before a hard and fast cost is set. It is not the value of building the app solitary.

With WebRTC, it becomes relatively simple to make the service. What one needs is to develop the solution. And the costs will depend upon skills, who you outsource to, and therefore the level of support you would like.

Once the thought is completed and you delivered your product, the true cost comes in maintaining the service and hosting it. You need CPU, Bandwidth, and Rackspace. keep in mind, video is extremely hungry for bandwidth and CPU. This is nothing like a simple VoIP call. For a lower minimum threshold of say 200,000 minutes, you are looking for at least a four-digit number to start with.

There are a couple of important steps we cannot ignore once we create a video conferencing app.

Back-end development:– In the beginning, the essential part is to design the server portion for the actual functioning of the video conferencing app. Although few apps can use ready-made BaaS solutions, a video conferencing app needs more involved technologies and it is better to create its server from scratch.

UI/UX design:- Next comes the design part. It is important to think about a good and attractive user interface and user experience. The UX should be intuitive within the first turn. Future users shouldn’t spend tons of your time to know how they will perform one or another feature.

Take the instance of Zoom; how user friendly and lightweight it's. From the perspective of the UI, it should have a catchy design to make people feel interested in your web or mobile video chat app.

Android app:– The principle of such an app for Android is nearly an equivalent, but third-part tools may differ. The major tool of our web and Android developers use to come up with users with video communication is WebRTC which stands for Web Real-Time Communication. This is an open-source technology that creates it possible to rearrange real-time communication using simple APIs.

Let’s go through highlights of the tool:

No-Signups Required

Users can host or join a gathering with one tap functionality. They don’t need a sign-in or sign-up.

Real-Time Screen Sharing

Herein, users can share their device’s screen to accept participants. Additionally, they will use screen sharing to form their demos and meeting more intellectual.

Collaborate through Video

individuals can have one-on-one interactions with customers and co-workers. They can use the video for relating successfully and with more simplicity.

Read, Share and Play

The most jaw-dropping feature here is users could record their meetings at an equivalent time it happens. They can capture all the audios, videos, and screen sharing and share it with other participants, so that they watch it anytime.


Zoom has already set an example within the marketplace for how video conferencing apps should be. The upwards exhaustively depends on the sort of functionalities you would like to feature within the application and therefore the server maintenance.