Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the biggest fish in cloud computing service providers. The It’s reputation is not subjected to any type of ambiguity because of its solid network of data centers and an extensive assortment of products and services. However, AWS also has its own share of flaws, and one of them came again into public attention very recently i.e. Amazon AWS Outage.

On 25 November, One of the world’s best cloud computing companies, Amazon web services experienced an outage. After being down for most of Wednesday, it is back up now. 

A website’s score depends on the internet infrastructure to function. Although the outage only affected only one of AWS's 24 regions, specifically US-east-1 region, but it took down many internet-based services that use its servers. 

The most affected of the companies were Roku, Flickr, and Adobe. These companies faced a lot of criticism because of this whole outage issue. They not only asked AWS to resolve the issue ASAP but also put the issue on twitter through their replies to the criticism of their user’s criticism.

Tweets of the companies to be added

The reason for such an outage is still unknown to the general public but Amazon in a public notice said that they have identified the root cause of the outage.

More than 1,000 users are experiencing problems with the service, which is a massive aspect of Amazon's business, as reported by Down Detector.AWS revealed $11.6 billion in income for its Q3 of this current year and represented more than $3.5 billion of Amazon's $6.2 billion in working pay for a similar quarter. 

AWS has seen an expansion popular during the pandemic as office workers took their work to homes and depended all the more intensely on virtual conferencing and other office tools.

David Brown, VP of AWS Elastic Compute Cloud, revealed to Business Insider's Ashley Stewart in May that it has evaded limit issues and outages during the pandemic since it started adjusting its graceful chain in January in light of the health emergency. 

"We're working extremely, hard in the background to create the illusion of infinite capacity," Brown said.

A similar incident happened in 2019, and an outage occurred when the Amazon US-EAST-1 datacenter in North Virginia experienced a power failure at 4:33 AM. The backup generators of the datacenter did not work and showed signs of failing.

There are various techniques to avoid such an outage anprevent ot's users to be affected by this