Android App Development Services: Mobile applications are now crucial to the success of any business due to the increasing use of smartphones, which enable businesses to attract more clients.  The number of individuals using cell phones is growing, and almost all of them prefer utilizing them for various tasks, including online shopping, weather forecast knowledge, finding local services, reading blogs, and other tasks.  Smartphones have sparked a new revolution in the digital sphere by making it easier for companies to grow their online eCommerce operations.  Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world when it comes to mobile applications, with a market share of approximately 73% of mobile devices worldwide. You may provide your company a competitive edge to grow and succeed in the digital world by choosing Android app development. 

Advantages of Android application development


● Customizable user interface: 

Any mobile application's success depends on its user interface (UI).  By using Android application development for your platform, you can create an application that is both user-friendly and customized. 

● Market share - Android App Development Services

Recent statistics show that Android powers more than 80% of mobile devices worldwide.  Investing in Android application development offers you access to a higher market share because it is indisputable that Google rules this area of the internet.

● Security: 

It is crucial that the data stored by your mobile application is secure and that there is no chance of a security breach.  Linux is the foundation on which Android applications are built, which ensures the security and smooth operation of every mobile app available on the Google Play Store. 

● Affordable investment: 

The affordable one-time entry fee for Google Marketplace is just another benefit of developing Android applications.  As long as the mobile application complies with a number of publishing rules, you will only need to pay for the actual construction of your Android application; otherwise, you may practically immediately take advantage of the large Android market. 

Top App Development Companies 


Yugasa Software Labs is Android App Development Services Provider

Yugasa Software is a multi-award-winning, international provider of excellent software development services and products for customers of all sizes.  It provides specialized software for mobility, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.  A rapidly growing provider of software solutions in India, Yugasa was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Gurgaon.  In order to create chatbots that are prepared for production across a number of channels, Yugasa has a skilled staff of expert chatbot developers.  The business specializes in software solutions for mobile and web platforms in a variety of industries, including social networking, e-commerce, healthcare, hospitality, and on-demand services apps. 

Daffodil Software 

An organization that develops mobile apps and specialized software, Daffodil Software, was established in 1999.  The well-versed blockchain technology company Daffodil has its headquarters in Gurgaon, India, and has an office there as well.  In the office, there are more than 250 digital specialists.  Using cutting-edge technology, design strategies, and development techniques, the company creates high-end software solutions. 

Software service provider offers end-to-end solutions. Employing AI to create specialized software applications, is a fantastic platform.  In order to democratize software development and make it quicker, easier to use, and more affordable for everyone, also includes a library of fundamental components.  Through three solutions, it helps everyone from small businesses to large corporations create and manage all kinds of software.  Builder Studio, Builder Cloud, and Builder Care are examples of these.


A global provider of outsourced IT software services, Algoworks was established in 2006.  500+ apps have been created by Algoworks, a mobile app and web development company, for companies of all sizes.  With its headquarters in India's Noida, Enterprise content management systems (CMS), software product engineering (SPE), enterprise mobile app development, and customer and relationship management are among the core services provided by Algoworks (CRM). 


One of the top firms for developing websites and mobile apps is Techugo. Techugo was created in 2015 and has offices in India, the USA, Dubai, and Canada.  The company offers unique mobile app solutions and has a workforce of 120+ iOS, Android, IoT, and maintenance services.  With 350+ projects completed in 15 countries, Techugo has worked internationally. 


Brainworks is a Delhi and Gurgaon-based full-service mobile app development and digital marketing organization that was founded in 2000.  From the creation of iPhone and Android apps to SEO support, Brainworks offers a wide range of services. 


Appinventiv, a rapidly expanding, ISO-certified mobile app development firm, was established in 2014.  More than 900 mobile apps have been successfully designed, developed, and delivered by a team of more than 500 mobility experts.  The company maintains offices in Noida, India, the UK, and the UAE and has a presence all over the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to estimate the development cost of an Android app? 

The average cost of developing an app may be calculated using a straightforward formula: hours spent on development times billable hours of resources used. 

Why should businesses go with Android Application Development? 

We could list all the advantages that Android app development services bring to startups. Some of the key benefits include:  ● Getting to know a lot of people. ● Cost-effective in many ways with simple integration. ● Scaling and allowing for customization. ● Support for a wide range of devices.

Final thoughts 

Using the services of a reputable Android app development company will help you create flawless applications and attract more clients through a variety of loyalty programs and sales channels.  We at Yugasa Software Labs have a talented group of highly skilled Android app developers who have years of expertise in creating cutting-edge Android applications for a variety of businesses.  Our IT specialist can assist you in gaining a competitive edge that will help your company app thrive in the app market and bring in more revenue.  To discuss the needs of your app development project, get in touch with us. Read More: CHOOSE YUGASA FOR YOUR NEXT APP DEVELOPMENT!