Android Application Development: Are you an entrepreneur that wants to produce or have an Android mobile app developed for you? Let's look at some statistics and patterns.  android development trends When it comes to mobile app development, the Android operating system undoubtedly receives all of the attention, which it rightfully deserves.  Are you a business owner who wants to develop or have a mobile app developed for you?  If you answered yes, you will undoubtedly require all of the detailed information about the most recent Android app development trends.

In 2021, the following are the top Android application development trends to keep an eye on. 

Android apps continue to evolve at a breakneck pace, driven mostly by the user experience and Google's continual improvements.  To stay ahead of the competition as an entrepreneur, you'll need to demonstrate these trends. 

Instant Apps for Android 

Instant Apps for Android Although immediate Android apps aren't particularly prevalent, these app display formats are slowly but steadily gaining popularity.  Android Instant Apps SDK and App Links Assistant allow software developers to create mobile solutions from the ground up or convert existing apps into Instant Apps.  The following is an example of the type in action: the Instant app allows users to try out different games on apps without having to install them on their device.  Sounds exciting, right? These apps have the advantage of being interoperable with all devices, requiring minimal storage space, and providing a nice user experience and user interface. 

Component for navigation - Android Application Development

The many interactions that allow the user to move about throughout the different areas and content elements of the app are referred to as navigation. Android jetpacks have navigation components that make it easier for developers to build the navigation.  The consequences could be anything from a single button click to a complex pattern like a navigation drawer. 

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology Blockchain technology has been in the news for a long time, but it has finally been put into practice.  Blockchain technology offers superior decentralized app development solutions that minimize unwanted access and promote transparency.  The blockchain technology market is expected to develop at a 62.73 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to $52.5 billion by 2026.  Decentralized apps (Dapps) are open-source software applications that use smart contracts to conduct transactions on the blockchain.  The data in these applications cannot be modified or destroyed since they run on a decentralized blockchain.  These apps represent the future of mobile app development since they allow for speedier payments, more accurate data recordings, and are tamper-proof. 

Chatbot/Google Assistant 

Chatbot Google Assistant Many business owners will be interested in integrating their app services with Chatbot Google Assistant in the future years.  The key advantage of investing in such an integration is that it allows consumers to access the app more quickly.  Users that use Google app actions gain access to an app's deep link, which allows them to conduct specified actions within the app via the Google Assistant. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) 

The use of the Internet of Things is one of the important mobile Android application development topics for 2021. (Internet of Things).  These trends are reflected in many Android features that allow developers to construct devices on top of well-known hardware platforms such as the Raspberry Pi.  The best thing is that developers don't need any prior experience with system design to get started.  Instead, developers can use Android Studio and the Android SDK to create apps. 

Beacon Technology 

Businesses have gradually begun to make extensive use of beacon technology, which allows them to target potential clients uniquely.  Beacons are wireless transmitting devices that connect to mobile devices in that range. Companies can use the technology to send various messages about special specials, neighboring hotels, and so on.  Many businesses can benefit from the shift of beacon technology from a push marketing strategy to an opt-in one.  The technology may be used both on the cloud and in the field, which is assisting its adoption and growth in the next years. 

 Android Enterprise 

In 2021, digital transformation will be the order of the day for businesses.  Android enterprise, a Google-led initiative, enables employees to use Android apps in the office.  The Android Enterprise initiative provides developers with APIs and other resources they need to integrate Android support into enterprise mobility management solutions.

Layout of Motion 

Developers use this style to manage motion and widget animations in their apps.  This utility is compatible with Android 4.0 and is part of the Constraint Layout library.  Because these technologies are renowned to offer high-end and valuable functionality, the team can swiftly fill in all the gaps between intricate motion handling and layout transitions with these libraries.  Motion Layout will be used by developers to construct numerous interfaces that employ animations to help them comprehend what is going on with the programme.  Wrapping Up  Every year brings discoveries and ideas, and these trends continue to cycle back and forth.  Based on the aforementioned latest trends in Android app development, we can confidently assert that the Android Operating System is rapidly evolving to provide users with a seamless experience... Read More: TOP 5 ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT TRENDS TO BEAT YOUR COMPETITORS IN 2021