Mobile App Development: Smartphones, the Common availability of Wifi and smart gadgets all around us have made human life easier and technology-enabled.

With the considerable change in the lifestyle, scarcity of free time, and nature of our office jobs, everyone needs a solution to access information while he or she is on the go.

All this has led to the popularity gained by mobile Apps. This significant shift of user-base towards Mobile Apps has pushed businesses to have mobile apps along with their business websites.

A data says that for many startups and organizations globally, 65% or more of their revenue is generated through their mobile apps.

Such stats certainly make it important to look upon important considerations during app building for your business.

It should be well understood that having a productive mobile App is not an easy process and one should know that mobile app development is a multi-level process that requires testing at each individual level to ensure the functionality and the quality of the app.

This article helps you understand one of the most important factors aligned with your business app and that is the costs associated with mobile app development.

Business plan or business model - Mobile App Development

key considerations in mobile app development
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The business for which you want to build the mobile app plays the key role in deciding the cost of developing the mobile app. Before you start the development process you should have the answers for the following questions with you so that there is a clear base for your mobile app development:

  • Where are the clients spending most of their time?
  • Is your app going to be free or a paid one?
  • What would be the preferred platform and devices according to target client?
  • Should you involve in-app purchases so that your app starts to earn?
  • What are the latest trends in mobile app development so that you can use them for your business?
  • You can think around these lines and also come up with more such questions and get all of them answered before you start the development process for your mobile app


The two best mobile platforms today are Android and iOS. Before you proceed to talk to a mobile app developer you should have a clear picture as to which platform(s) you would want to target depending on the kind of clients you want to attract into using your mobile app.

For attracting the largest possible clients you can certainly opt for going by using both platforms but this will also bear an impact on your pocket. So make sure to select your target client's preferred platform.

Mobile App Development - Type of App

There are more than 5 categories of Apps that are available in the market today. As a business owner you should do your research and decide which type of App will suit your business well.

The most popular categories of apps would be e-commerce, On-Demand Apps, educational apps, gaming apps, business apps, and environment apps.

Depending upon the nature of your business and the kind of app you are building for it, you might need apps for users only. If the app is for 'On Demand' business, then you may need an app for users and vendors too.


You should also consider a good amount of time in understanding the best suitable design that would enable your client to easily navigate through your app and yet look vibrant.

You should always keep in mind that you can add ā€˜nā€™ number of features for your app but this comes at an increased cost. So ensure that you include only the necessary features so that the design is cost-effective as well as attractive to the clients.


This is an important factor that should be kept in mind when you decide you want to develop a mobile app for your business.

The person or the team of people developing your app will play an instrumental role in success of your business. You must choose your development team with utmost care.

After all, this is your one-time decision for the complete setup of your agency's digital setup.

While Quality is not directly proportional to the amount invested, but opting for cheaper options over quality can lead to a huge loss in the longer run, if the best mobile app development team is not hired at this stage.

There are majorly two types of development models, if you outsource it to a development team: Fixed Price for your fixed requirements or a dedicated development team who acts as your own development team and works dedicatedly for you.

Client Base Type

An app that is made for businesses to use will require lesser efforts and expenses in its sale and will promise a quicker return on investment. Contrary to that if an app is made to be used by millions of people and its success depends only on its use by the masses then, you need to stay ready for very hard marketing of the app. So it is important to decide as to what type of business idea or app do you want to launch in the market.

Taking care of all these points will help you move in the right direction and get an app developed in a prudent way from your development partner.

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