Mobile Landscape AI: Artificial Intelligence is a big buzzword in the market. Virtual assistance, chatbots, self-driving cars are the talk of the town. Also according to a research, this has been the highest searched topic on the internet. According to the latest report, Alphabet put around $30 billion to unleash artificial intelligence technology. Not just this but many superpower countries are also mainly focusing on AI development.

With all these facts we can say that the business world is highly moving forward towards AI. While AI is bringing reforms in various sectors like healthcare, education, and entertainment, the major change can be seen in the mobile industry. The mobile app industry has used the AI technology quite well which is paving some new ways to meet user expectations.
Let us look at some of the ways AI is reforming the mobile industry.

Better Conversational Experience - Mobile Landscape AI

artificial intelligence to reshape mobile landscape
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There used to be a big gap between user and brands. But now AI is filling this gap and bringing users and brand closer. The technology in the form of Chatbots is providing a great conversational experience to users and also the company. This is not only managing numerous clients at a time but also is satisfying user's need by providing personalized products and services. According to a survey, almost 95% of users feel that customer service and its standard has increased with the introduction of Chatbots. Also by another survey, it is expected that almost 80% of the companies will include chatbots by 2020. This clearly indicates that AI is highly affecting the mobile market.

Seamless Search Experience

AI has been a great tool in searches. This technology is allowing users to not only search with words but also by using images and voice. This technology is also allowing users to search for things in their natural language. This has taken the mobile user’s experience to the next level. It has been a necessity of all mobile app companies to have voice recognition and image search facilities that have increased new possibilities in the mobile industry.

Mobile Landscape AI - Onboard Experience

According to a survey, almost 25% of the users never return to the same app after their first use. Thus, to minimize these numbers app developers are using AI now. This technology allows UI/UX developers to design apps by understanding the psychology of humans. Also, this allows users to use various in-app gestures, which makes their app experience more interesting.

Improved App Security

The biggest concern of an app industry is the security. AI technology highly focuses on security. With parallel technologies like machine learning, the technology will predict the app security and vulnerabilities level. This technology keeps an eye on the user and their behavior pattern and alerts if anything suspicious is found. This technology also recommends and implements changes to improve app security. The AI also allows app developers to find security holes and backdoors easily reducing the risk of security threats.

AI And IoT

AI and IoT are almost mutually related. One is helping in the development of others. This technology enables connected devices to collect real-time data and take decisions on their own. AI-powered mobile apps allow connected devices to learn from the information exchange pattern and act accordingly. According to a report, there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020, which means there will be a higher demand for AI-powered devices.

Artificial Intelligence technology is slowly revamping the mobile industry. It is collecting real-time data, understanding human emotions and provides a personalized experience. Thus, the future of the mobile economy with AI is surely going to be humongous.