eCommerce apps for businesses: More than 48% of online shoppers rely on their evaluation of an eCommerce store's legitimacy on its features and mobile-friendly designs, which has a direct bearing on the possibility that a lead will turn into a customer.  Certain eCommerce app features improve the usability of your company application, streamline the buying process, and provide exceptional user experiences.  On the other hand, you require mobile app development to establish a strong business foundation in the eCommerce industry This article presents some of the top eCommerce app features of 2022 in case you are undecided about which features to add to your list of eCommerce mobile app features. 

The top 10 benefits of eCommerce apps for businesses and startups 

It is essential for you as a business owner to use eCommerce features and functionalities that emphasize your operational procedures.  For instance, you must ensure that your eCommerce software includes the capability of setting a customer's credit limit if it involves extending payment terms to your clients.  While the statistics in the previous part show that everything in the digital world of eCommerce is changing, we focused our list of eCommerce features on the key market trends for the coming years.  The following is a list of the top eCommerce app features for both startups and large businesses: 

Audio experience

Recently, a lot of well-known programs have started including audio experiences as improvements.  As an illustration, the well-known dating app Hinge recently added an audio function that allows users to upload a 30-second audio clip to their accounts. In addition to this, users of the well-known music service Spotify may purchase different packages that include the ability to produce podcasts directly within the app.  According to experts, such audio experiences that include eCommerce functions will be very popular in retail apps.  benefits of eCommerce apps for businesses and startups

Livestream shopping

The live broadcast function is one post-pandemic feature that has changed how internet buying is done.  Social media behemoths like Instagram and YouTube were the first to popularise live streaming.  Typically, during a live stream, brands present their goods from a variety of profiles and pin a link to them on the screen. 

Headless commerce 

For eCommerce apps, digital agility is the secret to staying competitive in the modern day.  For a seamless user experience, business owners have introduced headless capabilities into eCommerce apps since their features must adapt to the always-changing shifts in customer behavior.  In the past two years, demand for headless technology has resulted in a staggering $1.65 billion in funding, according to Forbes.  The eCommerce app's headless architectural feature leverages APIs to share information in real time between frontend processes, backend processes, systems, tools, and the user at the center. 

CTV advertising 

One of the emerging developments in the eCommerce sector, CTV, sometimes referred to as Connected TV advertising, is transforming the marketing environment for brands.  Following Apple's iOS 14.5 update and Google's devaluation of third-party cookies.  eCommerce business platforms are searching for new ways to connect with their target audiences while maintaining privacy standards.  They have a new performance channel called CTV advertising. 

Social media integration 

The most effective and significant eCommerce aspect in the field of retail technology is social media integration.  Integrating social media into your business app will facilitate user login, registration, and sharing of product information.  Another fantastic mobile e-commerce feature is the ability to share different promotional codes or deals on social media.  They can also post any unlocked achievements on the app. This will help you spread the word about your business and increase sales. 

Great user experience - eCommerce apps for businesses

Plenty of intuitive and user-friendly apps are available on the market, so if an app doesn't meet a user's needs, they won't hesitate to leave it.  You can only imagine how crucial UI UX is for keeping users engaged with your software.  Users should regard your app's whole experience to be distinctive and superior to those of the other apps in your market.  Your software should be worthwhile to anyone who invests time and money. 

Google Analytics 

Now that your app is live, consumers are visiting it and making purchases.  But which product sells the most, do you know?  Do you know when most people download your app?  If you don't, Google Analytics can help you assess the full potential of your app.  Nearly every list of features for mobile apps include Google Analytics, and for good reason. You may learn which products sell better, how users engage with the app, and usage patterns using Google Analytics.  You can utilize this information to develop user acquisition strategies.

Rating and feedback 

The ability to rate and leave feedback is one of the most popular features of eCommerce apps.  It's a common misconception that having reporting or feedback options exclusively benefits the users.  Whatever comments users have about your app can be utilized as a guide to making it better.  Keep in mind that the program should be constructed as well as possible for user delight.  The rating option is another choice; it is typically displayed with five stars.  Typically a publicly accessible rating option, this is excellent for your app.  Positive ratings are viewed as a form of recommendation that will eventually increase the number of users. 


Which Platform Is The Best For Our New E-Commerce Business? 

There are many well-known e-commerce websites development platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and others.  All of these will help you in building the perfect eCommerce portal. 

How Do I Select The Best ECommerce Platform For The Development Of My Website?

Always take into account your needs, the advantages and cons of the platform's functionality, and your budget. Call us if you need clarification.  We'll be there for you. 

Final thoughts 

The web is a world market.  The boundaries of geography and language no longer apply to consumers.  They support and subscribe to online stores that provide ease, great value, and fantastic shopping experiences.  Yugas Software Labs is a top developer of eCommerce apps. Contact us for your next E-commerce Development! Read More: E-COMMERCE TRENDS AND ITS IMPACT IN 2021