Doing something without the inclusion of technology is almost inevitable in today's era. Technology brings more fun, makes everything far easier and who doesn't love that. Everyone is focused on productivity but referring an easier way. As said- SMART WORK IS PREFERRED OVER HARD WORK. These things have been possible for people with such a great range of applications. There is an app for almost everything. Be it- learning a language, improving skills, exercise, fashion, shopping and even choosing partners too. Now, living in such a busy world with a hectic schedule, the most important thing to improve productivity is that you always remain positive. Starting your day with a " ME TIME" where you full your stock for mental health with positive affirmations or a good thought is the best way to keep yourself boosted up the whole day. (Some detoxification can be needed in-between as well) But then the challenge comes- who likes to practice meditation- at least not me. I think it's a practice admirable to all but really hard to practice. Anticipating about these things and facing challenges in meditation, I got to search for a solution to this, there how I came across several applications that help you in achieving your goal for mental health and bringing happiness and more productivity in your life. Isn't it GREAT! So, after going through several apps and experiencing each, I hereby have shortlisted one of the best apps for better emotional health. Presenting to you all-


Wonderful app with most positive reviews and recommended by almost every writer. It welcomes you with a tagline which itself will attract you from the very beginning- “We all face daily challenges, but no matter what you are going through, there are skills you can learn that can profoundly improve your mental state.” The best thing about this app is that it customizes your experiences and the state of your emotions with a series of a questionnaire. It also relates to your present health conditions which are scientifically proven to be interrelated with emotional health. After going through this questionnaire you have to sign in by either your Facebook or email account. Once done, all ready to explore a beautiful and empowering journey of mental relaxation. It offers you to keep your profile in 2 modes- Private mode (If you are too shy to show your profile to people) Community mode ( Can be shared and you can interact with different people and different mindsets) These settings can be changed anytime. They provide you free tracks to listen to, and the reviews are AMAZING. You can even personalize your tracks based on your mood and choice. (That's the thing I loved the most about it)

2) 21 DAYS

Researches have shown it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Considering this, the designer of this app has done a wonderful setup. Most of us face challenges in creating and following a schedule and for better mental health and a lifestyle, it's a must that we indulge productive and healthy habits in our routine. This app helps in doing the same. It has several points like- · Sleep schedule · Home workout · Self Care · Gratitude · Study Challenge · Happiness and lots more... It focuses on one habit at a time. All you need to do is focus on one habit at a time follow the create a challenge and hit it. I improved my sleep cycle and workout routine with its help. It's truly fun. You can also restart any habit again. (But it's not suggested as you might keep procrastinating and never achieve the goal.)


So this app centers the teachings of the renowned spiritual teacher loved by millions of people Sadhguru. Here you can choose and prefer the language you want (Indian languages only, with English). You will be benefited by- · Powerful quotes · Guided Meditations · Daily wisdom video · Yoga tools (both for beginners and advanced) · And of course - Meditation The Yoga tools are my favorite here. Just imagine, getting the teachings of a spiritual leader on a daily basis yoga tips, at one platform, that too FREE. Isn't it fabulous?

4) Think.Me

Guided by Spiritual leaders like BK SHIVANI, COCOON, and lot's more, this app provides you a daily affirmation to think right and be overpowered with positivity. It gives you a set of life goals and an emotional tracker to track your mood and suggests you the remedies for your deprived emotional stage and empowers you. Unlike others, this app will cost you Rs 500/year if you want access to an emotional tracker. In the era where we spend bucks on our phone recharges and thousands on our physical grooming, every month, 500 for the emotional fitness for a complete year is not a band deal. Well, the affirmations are free of course. Everyone needs a little extra positivity in their lives, we all have a breakpoint(on a daily basis). With apps like these, it has never been so easier that by giving just a few minutes of your day you can bring the positive vibes to keep you spiritually boosted for the whole day and charge you on when you feel drained. Just download one of these and experience yourself the soothing and delightful effects. Hope this was helpful. STAY HEALTHY- PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY.