IoT Applications: Internet of things are being embraced by more and more companies. Today we can see that it is growing at a fast pace. For developing IoT applications, availability of open source tools in the market is plenty. A Developer needs the right tools and well-connected infrastructures to use the technology. In this article, you'll be able to read and compare between the best IoT tools available for developers.

Arduino - IoT Applications

best open source tools for developing iot applications
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This development kit offers both hardware and software to the developers. It is an open-source prototyping platform, which is one of the best platforms. Using the integrated development environment (IDE), the Arduino language has to be coded in by the developers. The biggest advantage of Arduino is that it can be learned and used by the beginners in a short period of time and then they can keep upgrading themselves.

Home Assistant

Google home and Amazon play are slowly becoming a part of our everyday lives. If ou are a developer trying to bring about the next life-changing home assistant product here is all that you need to know. The python-based coding system makes this open source platform work. It can also run on Raspberry Pi and Python 3. Best for developers, who seeks increased connectivity between internet and people. Home assistant can be controlled with desktop browser and mobiles as well. It gets updated after every 2 weeks and easy to setup.

IoT Applications - Eclipse IoT Project

Eclipse is a blessing in disguise for the java developes.It allows you to promote and develop the IoT technologies. It helps to manage and connect devices in IoT solution. Many different projects, that revolve around the IoT, has been sponsored by Eclipse such as the projects,Paho, Mihini and Koneki.

Thing Speak

Internet of Things wouldn't have been where it is today if not for the thing speak tool which is considered as the oldest cloud platform. It is operated by the renowned MathWorks team. It is considered one of the best and the most effective tools for crating magnificent IoT applications. All you need to do to access this great tool is just sign into MathWorks and/or login to start working on your non-commercial projects. If you are also doing a project related to locations, then also thing speak can be of great help. It can work with most of the other open source tools. Like the icing on top of the cake, thing speak also has web services which lets it collect and store data. The data can be stored in the cloud. Thus, making it easier to create IoT applications.

From the above discussion, it is evident that developers who are looking for open source tools for creating IoT applications have a good number of choice. They can choose the one that best suits their need and starts their applications with ease.