Best PHP Framework: In web development, aside from JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, PHP is one of the languages that come to mind. PHP language is the prevalent language behind the most popular CMS and WordPress websites. According to W3Techs, 79% of all websites - Facebook and Wikipedia - use PHP programming languages. For decades, PHP has been one of the most popular programming languages for website and web app development projects. This language is relatively stable and secure. But, as time has passed, the websites’ complication has increased massively. To develop these websites, developers have to write thousands of lines of code which is a challenging and time-consuming task. Plus, they have to start from scratch every time. That’s where the PHP framework comes in!

What exactly is the Best PHP framework?

A PHP framework is used for PHP web apps development and also it provides an essential structure for streamlining the project. Besides, this framework offers code libraries so you don't have to write extra code when programming. In addition, developers speed up the development process. If you develop responsive websites with PHP frameworks, you can fulfill your website’s performance requirements.

Why use the Best PHP Framework for web development?

If you are still confused about why you should choose a Best PHP framework for a web development project, here are some convincing reasons:
  • Faster Development
  • Less Code to Write
  • Libraries for Common Tasks
  • Easier to Maintain
  • Work with databases more efficiently
There are several frameworks available in PHP technology. So, web developers can choose from a wide range of frameworks for your website development. Many frameworks are open source and can be used without any licensing fees. Some of these frameworks are full-stack web frameworks, whereas others are microframeworks. So,

What are the best PHP Web Frameworks in 2021?

Here are the top 5 PHP web frameworks in 2021.

Framework# 1 - Laravel

Launched in 2011, Laravel is a free, open-source Best PHP framework for website development. This framework can handle complicated web apps with excellent security and speed. That’s why it is gaining immense popularity in the market. In addition, Laravel also simplifies the development process by simplifying the complicated tasks such as sessions, queuing, and authentication.

Why use Laravel?

  • It develops apps with complicated backend requirements, whether small or large.
  • It includes features such as easy data migration, MVC architecture support, security, and many more.
  • It is a highly expressive framework and its security and speed make it perfect for modern web apps.
  • It is ideal for developers who want to create B2B or enterprise websites with web trends.
Additional Info:
  • Git Star: 64.1k
  • Forks: 20.5k
  • Companies Using Laravel: 9GAG, Pfizer, BBC, Crowdcube

Framework# 2 - Symfony

Since 2005, Symfony has existed far longer than other PHP frameworks, showing it has gained developers’ trust for several years. This framework follows the standards of PHP and websites completely. Plus, Symfony PHP framework components are perfect for CMS (Content Management Systems) such as Drupa, OroCRM, and PHP Bulletin Board. The availability of reusable libraries and significant parts make this framework the first choice among developers. It helps in completing various tasks such as templating, authentication and object configuration, and many more.

Why Choose Symfony?

  • It is easy to install and configure on different platforms
  • It is the perfect choice for large-scale enterprise projects
  • It boasts a database engine and its stable
  • It is highly flexible.

Additional Info:

  • Git Star: 24.7k
  • Forks: 8k
  • Companies Using Symfony: BlaBlaCar, Spotify

Framework# 3 - Codeigniter

Simple yet powerful, Codeigniter is an ideal choice for beginners. This framework is known for its small footprint and easy installation with minimalist configuration requirements. Best PHP framework is highly suitable for dynamic website development as it offers many pre-built modules for building solid and reusable components. That’s why it comes in the list of top 5 PHP web frameworks 2021. What’s more, Codeigniter has some fantastic features, including security, easy error handling, and simple encryption steps.

Best PHP framework - Why choose Codeigniter?

  • It is a lightweight and straightforward PHP framework.
  • It creates scalable apps thanks to MVC architecture, simple documentation, and significant error handling capability.
  • It is faster than other PHP web frameworks.
Additional Info:
  • Git Star: 18.1k
  • Forks: 7.8k
  • Companies Using Codeigniter: Accenture, Ola, Buffer, Social dog

Framework# 4 - CakePHP

If you are looking for the best PHP framework for your commercial app project, CakePHP is the best option. But why? It offers high-end security with features including cross-site scripting protection, SQL injection prevention, and cross-site request protection. In addition, the latest version of CakePHP comes with advanced features such as improved modularity and a remarkable ability to build additional standalone libraries.

Best PHP framework - Why Choose CakePHP?

  • It is simple and easy to install.
  • It saves time and effort while developing websites.
  • It includes fast builds, proper class inheritance and security.
  • It can test all the fragile and critical points of your app.
Additional Info:
  • Git Star: 8.3k
  • Forks: 3.5k
  • Companies Using CakePHP: Swat, Walls, Edureka

Framework# 5 - Zend Framework

As a completely object-oriented framework, Zend delivers high-quality apps at an enterprise level. This PHP framework was launched to keep speed, security, and high performance in mind. In addition, it offers high customizability, which makes it perfect for developers who want to add project-specific functions to their apps or websites. Besides, it comes with components for completing the tasks such as services, forms, authentication, and many more.

Why choose Zend Framework?

  • It is suitable for complex, enterprise-level projects such as large IT departments and banks.
  • It comes with advanced features such as MVC components, data encryption, simple cloud API, and session management.
  • It comes with great documentation and a large community base.
Additional Info: 
  • Git Star: 5.7k
  • Forks: 2.7k
  • Companies Using Zend Framework: Webedia, Cherry, Zingat

The Bottom Line!

So, here is a list of the top 5 PHP web frameworks 2021 that are future-ready frameworks and include several features to give you a fantastic web development experience. All of these frameworks offer great functionalities that are perfect for both small and large-scale web development projects. If you are still confused about the best PHP web frameworks, you can consult a reputed website development company to choose the right one for your business in 2021. If you have already selected a PHP framework as per your choice, hire experienced PHP developers. Read More: TOP 10 PHP FRAMEWORKS FOR WEB DEVELOPMENT