Every business owner’s major concern is to increase sales. It's the same with our eCommerce sector as well. To be something different from other competitors, the website should be unique that can convert the visitor to the regular customer. All the online stores should work every day to keep their websites on top and attractive. In this competitive market where every day more and more businesses are coming in the market with an average looking website, the sales are never going to increase. So here we learn ways to boost sales.

Purpose of the Site Should be Clear

Don't let a user think about your service or product. The purpose of the site should be in a tagline under the logo of the company. The tagline should describe what the company is and what service it provides. It helps especially brands that are not recognized worldwide.

Onboarding Experience Matters

It is not always necessary that a person visiting your site will use the portal. Use the onboarding process to make the website more familiar and give clear steps to get users to stay longer in website.

Connect With Users

The traditional one-way communication is not preferred nowadays. People now love to listen than to read. So to add users add badges, points or levels in the website.

Have Good Content

It is not necessary to be a master to know the basic rules of writing. Just follow the basics to write the content. Having a great heading, a proper subheading, and powerful images is a great way to get user's attraction. Mostly user benefits should be focused rather than the company's profit to increase users.

Say Thanks

Most of the conversation ends simply on many websites. When people go through your website and have mailed, you can attract them by just having a thank you note.

Start Running A/B Test

To measure or to optimize your landing page you can use A/B testing method. It’s better to test two versions of landing pages to find which page has more conversion ratio.

Create Responsive Landing Page

It is a known fact that the number of mobile users is increasing. A study shows that 73% of mobile searches require additional action and conversions. Thus having a mobile-friendly site can convert a user into a customer.

Check Site Statics

To create a good landing page requires periodic checking and optimization. Proper knowledge of landing pages statistics can save lots of money on online marketing.

Some more ways to increase sales through the site are mentioned below.

Use Heatmaps to indicate the use of the site. This facility helps to determine how visitors click, scroll their cursors and interact with forms. This can help to know which of your prospects are not converting.

Start retarding on various platforms. Once you have identified an individual who has shown an interest in your product but is not ready to take it you can follow them around the web using personalized ads.

  • Have a fully secured site. Security is the greatest issue and every individual wants a secure site before doing business with you. So focus more on security of the site.

  • Have a simple layout. Don't try to make your site clumsier. It should be simple yet attractive. Many individuals can identify easily just in seconds about an e-commerce site by visiting their website. So having a simple layout yet attractive one is most.

  • Have a good search function. Every visitor on site may not want to click on your menu to find something rather they might go for search. So having a good search function with proper keywords is necessary.

  • Put high effort in online reviews. Nowadays people visit any site only after considering the reviews. So you should take the extra concern to improve your reviews on sites and social media.

  • Make the product title a meaning full one. The title of the product should explain more about the product. Having a unique and meaningful product name boosts company sales.

  • Show full detail about the availability of the product. It should be updated every time. A customer would never want to waste time by ordering the product out of stock.

  • You should have a good return policy. A good, easy and flexible return policy highly attracts customers.


Any online portal can grow if they follow the above-mentioned steps. There are many more ways to improve sales. Above mentioned are some of the major steps. Hope it helps you increase your sales.