Mobile Security: The increasing popularity of mobiles and its importance in a modern person's life is not hidden to anyone. Nowadays everyone is having mobiles from teens to old people. Mobiles have been like an integral part of our lives. For many people, mobiles are so important or they are so addicted to their mobiles that they can't think of their 1 hour without mobile. But nothing comes perfectly in the world. There are many threats to mobiles and their users. Every day new threats are seen and it's a serious issue for everyone.

Today we will talk about some of the major threats to mobiles in 2019. These points are taken by conducting a pool. So here we have listed some of the major threats to mobiles in 2019.

Insecure Apps - Mobile Security

biggest mobile security threat for 2019
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There are thousands of apps in the Play store and other places. An app can be considered a threat or insecure for many kinds of reasons. Many apps access to some libraries that could be in high-risk locations and thus data could be sent to a place where it should not be sent. Insecure apps are not always caused by attackers or hackers many times they are caused due to legitimate developers and their insufficient work. These apps are a great threat to mobiles as they can harm the performance and many more disadvantages to the mobile and its data.

Network Spoofing

Spoofing means-pretending to be something you are not. Network spoofing is a great threat to mobiles in 2019. For instance, a hacker could create some fake portable WiFi hotspot which they could release in a café or a public place and wait for the people to connect it thinking it's free wifi. Thus whenever a person connects it their personal information any many important data could be accessed by a hacker. Thus this becomes a great threat for mobiles and mobiles users.


Data Leakage

The biggest threat to mobile security leaders is data leakage. This has been a serious threat to mobiles since mobiles are being used. This can also cause a more variety of risks. It might be an application communication without encryption. Or even a website that transfers data to an undesired location. It may also be caused when an employee mistakenly enters a website or place where its organizations don't wish them to enter. There are a number of ways data could be leaked. It's a difficult task for security to control data leakages. The best way to solve it is to create software that can track the transmission and flow of data.

The world is highly dependent on mobiles. Every individual is using mobiles and most of the works are being done by mobiles. But there are many threats in these mobiles and their apps. Here we have listed some of the trending threats in mobile security in 2019. Hope you are aware of it and you are free of such threats in your mobile.