Artificial Intelligence App: Have you been watching how Hollywood movies showcase Artificial Intelligence as the most powerful tool that can shape the world ? Well it has now become a reality !! The Artificial Intelligence sector is now one of the most rapidly growing technologies. The latest advancement in AI is using it in mobile apps to help us make our lives better.

Clients today are also rapidly updating themselves at the same pace at which the technology is growing. They want to be on the top of the world along with the latest available technology. This encourages the development of AI in a lot of fields that were never explored before. As the demand is growing, it is indeed going to be a very short span of time when the supply to cater to the needs of the consumers will be increased.

The last quarter of 2018 and the fresh beginning of 2019 is the time when every developer will be aiming to bring out great apps that are smarter than the ones available in the market today.

Artificial Intelligence App - Why AI In Mobile App development?

boost your app development with artificial intelligence
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As technology is upgrading day by day, it is evident that we humans have started expecting extraordinary out of everything. It is no longer sufficient for an App to be just good ! It should be the best in the market to succeed. Artificial intelligence does just this ! It gives wings to the apps to perform their best ! You would certainly be aware of the auto form fill feature of most of the apps these days which makes our lives so much easier by avoiding the boredom of typing the same information again and again in the form.

When artificial intelligence is coupled with the smart apps that function on various devices, we can see impressive results in the following sectors:

  • Better understanding about the requirements of user
  • Analysis of the user behaviour
  • Save time, effort and money
  • Automation of mundane tasks
  • Helps humans understand all concepts clearly before taking a decision
  • Delivers the right information at the exact time needed

How AI Assists in Mobile App development?

It’s said that the revenue generated from Artificial Intelligence is growing at a quick pace and there is an increase of more than 70 percent every year from 2017. The future forecast for Artificial intelligence is approximately $3.9 trillion by 2022.

Artificial intelligence will provide more opportunities for the mobile app developers as their apps developed will be more engaging for the users. A few features that create interest are:

  • Customer satisfaction is one of the main concerns for any business. AI helps bring businesses closer to their clients by storing their data like name, age, requirement.etc.
  • All the information can be accessed very easily. With just scanning a QR code you can get all the important information that would be required for shopping.
  • Since AI records what a client does during their visit to  the App, it helps them to know about the latest updates in the area of their interest like new apparels, new technology, etc.
  • User experience can be improved as it is very easy to integrate AI with other features of an app like voice control, IoT devices, etc.

To put it in simplest of the words, Artificial Intelligence creates a user friendly environment by increasing the user engagement by creating personalized experiences to the visitors. This also helps in client retention. The AI helps create virtual assistants to the user with the help of these apps. The efficiency of the app can also be increased by minimizing the human intervention to contain unforced human errors in mundane jobs.