Movie Marketing: Everyone loves to watch movies! This has made sure that the standard of movies and movie making has increased a lot these days. The quality, content, and use of modern techniques in movie making have increased the demand for more entertaining movies. Not only is making a movie different but also its marketing and promotions are much more difficult. Without proper marketing, no movie can get a taste of success.

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can chatbots be used in movie marketing
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In 2015, many tinder users matched with women they assumed were real. They had conversations with her which seemed to be very natural. But later found that she was a chatbot promoting Alexa Garland film, Ex Machina. Many people called it deceptive, but it also opened up with a new idea for movie promotion. Chatbots have already shown their strong presence in shopping, social media, and many other markets. But using a chatbot for film promotion is still evolving. The major hope is that the fan can interact with some human relatable aspect of the film, which will increase their interest in the film.

Many big production companies have started using chatbots for promotion. Paramount pictures experimented with KIK chatbot to promote Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Star Trek’s Skype bot tie-in.kik was used to promote Insidious: Chapter 3, where a user could text to Quinn, the films main character. Now You See Me 2 and some other horror movies also used chatbots to guide fans through the physical experience of being scared.

The chatbot campaign for Insidious showed KIK users repeatedly messaging the main character Quinn. Users messaged Quinn more than 16 million times since 2015. From among the users, 60 percent were teenage and 55 percent were female. This shows how much a chatbot can get its user engaged. Russel Ward, president of the company behind this chatbot, talked about the experiences they learned from this campaign. He also talked about people trying to break the chatbot with suggestive comments, jokes, or swearing and how they overcame with this problem.

Bahubali was one of the greatest movies in India. After the 1st part of Bahubali there was great excitement in people to watch the 2nd part. So for the promotion of the 2nd part of Bahubali series makers used chatbots for its promotion. They released Bahubali 2 chatbot and an interactive quiz to give fans a recap for 1st part.Other movies like Kaabil, M.S Dhoni and Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya have also user chatbots for promotions and everyone knows about their performances at the box-office.

The Bahubali 2 chatbot was launched on the official Facebook pageofficial Facebook page after the launch of the trailer. The major idea was to engage the audience to guess the storyline after watching the trailer. All the fans of the movie could play this quiz by messaging #ChatQuizChallenge which had 5 trivia questions from the trailer. The Bot was made multi-lingual where it could reply in five languages.

Various production houses are using chatbots for marketing their movies. Movie marketing through chatbots has a long journey to travel. Chatbots in movie marketing are used in various ways. Some are used to provide basic information about the movie, while others are used to let people experience characters in the movie, and in a few other ways. In whatever way a movie maker is using it for marketing major fact is that it is working quite well and is being accepted by the audience.